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Oh, Val...I'm so sorry honey. What a difficult loss for you...but I'm so glad your hubby was able to get there before she passed...so she indeed, knew you had a strong shoulder to lean on.

Another blessing in all this...is that your beautiful daughter arrived in time for gramma to get to know her a little. And you will keep gramma alive for your little girl thru your memories. I lost my own father just 8 days before my first son was born. My two sons still know something of their grampa, because I talked about him a lot and had photos. I know you'll do the same.

I'm sending a big hug your way and much sympathy. Losing one's mom, for a female, can be particularly hard I think. But I'm betting there is much of your mom within you...your personality, character, values and your heart. In that way, she lives on.

Go easy on yourself...and know how important it will be in years to come...that you've had this time to share with your mom and your baby daughter.

Thinking of you, honey.....

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Please accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of you mom.

You have been such an exceptional daughter to be with her through all of this. She loved you so much.

Always hold you mom deep within your heart and there she will live on through you.

She is in a much better place, pain free and left that sick body behind. And is now smiling down upon you all.

My deepest condolences to you, your dad and all your family and friends.

Peace be with you always, honey. Please stay with us as you are very special here.


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Val, I'm so so sorry for your loss. I've always closely related to you because of our similar situations. I can't imagine the pain you're going through. I'm lifting you up to Him, for comfort and peace that only He can give.

Many hugs and much love,


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Dearest Val,

Please first accept my sincere condolonces on the loss of Mom.

I know how terribly hard this was on you and the struggle is over for you and for Mom and family. A different struggle now begins as I know after losing my Brother. Everyone always told me my Brother wouldnt have wanted to see me sad and that he would want me to go on and live for him. I had trouble letting that sink in for a long time. When I finally did I said aloud "Alan, I am going to live for you and I am going to keep you firmly in a place in my heart that holds all our memories and when I think of them, I am going to smile" I have done that but there still has been times that I was uinable to due to my want for him here on Earth,

I am sure you will go things simular to me but I want you to know that the sooner you can grasp that, the better.

Mom cherished you as you did her. Think of her free of pain and disease and healthy again and happy in Heaven. That's where she is Sweetie so when you look up and see that twinkling star, Mom's winking at you and telling you everything is A OK !

I am very glad you're hubby is home with you and Mom got to see him there to take care of you before she passed.

My prayers for strength, comfort and love

God Bless you all,


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Val, I am so very sorry about your Mom. I am very relieved to know that Andy is there by your side to help you through this terrible time. I'm remembering you in my prayers.

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