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With A Heavy Heart...JUSTAKID

cindi o'h

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Hello All.

This is not an easy post for me.

Our little Beth is not doing well at all. I received an email from Kurt this evening. He asked that I inform all of you that Beth will probably not make it through the night. She had a tough weekend, was hospitalized with pulm. failure, is home and hospice was now called in. He said she stirred just long enough to say her goodbyes to her two chlidren, Kirsten and Kyle, and to Kurt.

Kurt said that he will keep us infromed. I am so sorry to have to tell you this. You all know that justakid was my little sweetheart and put up as Kurt said, "one HELL of a fight". She has been one of the bravest, hardest fighting warriors I have ever seen.

To Kurt and your kids, God bless you through this very difficult time.

All love to the Justakid family.

Cindi o'h

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Ohhh Cindi,

This news hurts , it really hurts. Beth is so very loved here. My prayers go out to her and her beautiful family. I know how very much she loves Kurt , the kids and her mom, whom she has spoken of, so very much, in her posts. I'm praying for Peace for all of them. God be with them . This is so hard, she is "just a kid". :cry:

Love and Prayers,


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I almost wish I haden't seen this post :cry:

I remember her in her cute Haloween hat last year, she was posting regularly and had such hopes that she would beat this, raise her children, her wonderful sense of humor and her kindness to all of the newcomers.

Her age, so young, this just breaks my heart, she didn't want to leave her babies and husband :cry::cry:

I pray that God helps her crossing over as easy as possible.


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I cannot handle this, Beth was my first friend on here, and she and Mom had such a close dx, for Mom to have done so well and Beth not is just more than I can comprehend. The tears will not stop.

To Beth and her wonderful family, may god be with you at this trying time.

God bless


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This is so hard to read about, to think about. She is only 38. She just posted on 8/25 that she hoped to get her strength back soon. I prayer for her and her family during this most difficult time. Donna G

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This news just makes my stomach turn over. :(

Beth is a special gal. Her humor and spunk are unrivaled.

My deepest sympathy to her family that it's all come to this point. I wish only peace for Beth and strength and any possible comforts to her family.

Thanks for letting us know, Cin. :(

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I can not stop crying.

We have printed out all our pms and emails from Beth and are reading and re~reading them.

We have come to love her so much.

We are heartbroken and beyond sad.

Beth, Kurt, Kids,

We love you ~ you have become part of us.

We are praying non stop and have you firmly and forever in our hearts.


Cindi, we know how hard this was for you to write.

Oh God, please please please bless our LCSC and comfort all of us.

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I was just thinking about her, when I read this post. Needless to say I am in shock.

My heart is breaking for Beth and her family. I was really praying like most of us that she was getting out of her depression.

I don't know what to say, but I wish her a peaceful passing.

This is so sad.

She really is Just a Kid... much too young.


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This is just a tragedy, I don't understand how this can happen to a young mother whose children need her. It's just wrong, it's wrong for everyone who is suffering from this terrible disease. My heart goes out to all of us, along with my tears and prayers.

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She is just a baby!! This is such sad news. I hate this cancer crap. I hate this part of the journey. I hate losing my friends!

May God give Kurt and the Kids strength during this very difficult time.

Please dear Lord, don't let our Justakid suffer anymore. Please make this passing a peaceful one.


Thank you Cindi for keeping us updated. I know your heart is breaking. You and Beth became very good friends.

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