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We Hunkered Down and made it through.....


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Rita has come and gone and spared the Houston area for the most part.

It is like nothing I've ever seen before. It was taking people evacuating 6 hours to get 5 miles. It was a mass exodus. Many of you probably saw it on the news, people running out of gas in 100 degree heat before they ever even got out of Houston!!!

We live not far from Don and Lucie so we decided to "hunker down" and ride it out. We didn't get much rain at all but we did have some big wind gusts.

We thought we had it made when today by noon we still had power and the sun was shining, but still had the wind gusting. Our power went out just after 12, and keep in mind, it is NOT fall here in Houston. It's been over 100 degrees here for the past 2 weeks.

We waited until 6pm and decided to call around to get a hotel room. We got lucky and got one right down the road that would take us and our dog. There is just no way I could have gone the night without air conditioning.

Well we got all checked in and my son decided he wanted to "tough" it out at home w/the dog and as soon as they got home, the electricity came back on.

So we are thankful that our plight was not a difficult one and we pray for the safe return of all our friends and fellow Houstonians!!!


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TAnn, so glad you checked in and all is okay.

I spoke to my brother who also stayed in Houston and he only lost power for a few hours overnight.

My 82 year old aunt evacuated Beaumont on Thursday and it took her 26 hours to get just south of Dallas! Normally a 4 hour drive. She was by herself and didn't even stop to go to the bathroom! Truly amazing.

Hope Don and Lucie check in soon and again, thanks for letting us know that all is well with you and yours.


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Hi Tann,

Glad you checked in. I could not believe that mass exodus from Texas. It was a complete nightmare for all those people on the road. They said they expected 1 million people to be leaving and they had close to 2 million. I can't imagine sitting in traffic all that time. Especially, if you have medical problems in that heat.

I hope the evacuees, coming home, will not be as constricting as it was leaving.

I know people are upset that it was not what they expected, but hey, they should be counting their lucky stars that it was nothing like Katrina.

Like Katie, said better safe than sorry.


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