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Brian Monday Night


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Brian was admitted to the hospital. His fever keeps spiking. They have scanned him head to toe. Brain MRI tomorrow as he is having some cognitive problems.

He has an IV antibiotic and they are culturing his blood.

He is in a lot of pain in the area of his liver or belly or ??????????? Finally tonight he got some relief with good old dilaudid. (That is the only pain med that worked for him when he lost his right hand and it came through again.) I came home to try to get some rest and put my 'out of office' message on my work email. I have decided to take my FML. I just can not continue to pretend I can do both of these full time jobs.

The doc kept Brian's spirits up by telling him that he did not leave him much wiggle room for getting him 'fluffed up' for the trip to FL. Brian assumes he can beat this by Wednesday and I am not going to bet against him.

I still believe in miracles.

I did tell the kids tonight. That was rough, but they were awesome and only focused on Brian and how he is feeling not about how this turn of events impacts their big day.

I am so scared.

Thank you for the prayers and support.

We love you, too!


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Hoped you would be able to update us. Thanks Pat! Praying for a miracle and for it to just be an infection. Hoping for great improvement in the next 2 days. God is good...all the time. Continue to let him take your yoke. Glad you are going to take FML to concentrate on getting him better and hopefully getting you some rest. Take care. Prayers continuing.



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Dear Pat,

I am most definitely hoping and praying for a turnaround for Brian. I do sense your fear and concern, though, and know how you feel. There's is nothing easy about seeing someone you love so much in so much pain and suffering. I thank God for Dilaudid! At least something eased his pain.

I'm praying for you and Brian, Pat. God be with you!



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You and Brian are always in my prayers but especially right now. I think Brian is in the right place if he is getting something that will ease his pain. Its good that you decided on some FML. Its important to take care of you and well as Brian. Keep in touch. I believe in miracles as well.


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Hi Pat,

Mega prayers for Brian and a miracle that that this is just an infection that could be treated with medication.

Pat, I want you to know that there is so many prayers going out to both. Please keep the faith as it can move mountains.

I am glad that they found a drug that helps Brian with his pain.

I really do not know what to say. My heart breaks for you both.


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Add me to the list of people sending nothing but healing thoughts your way. I am so happy Brian got some pain relief and hope you will get some much needed sleep, now that you know he'll be well tended to in the hospital.

I like his doc's sense of humor 8) ...and hope he does indeed find enough "wiggle room" to get Brian back on his feet and able to attend the wedding.

Thanks for the update, Pat. Know you have the "power of everything good at lchelp" behind you, hon...and hang in there. Let us know, when you can, how things are going.

Best thoughts and wishes coming your way.....

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Pat, fell asleep early and just saw this update. I'm so glad that Brian is being tended to in the hospital as they can look at him from head to toe and start making him better (they already have with the IV antibiotic and pain relief!).

AND, the family leave will lift one of the boulders off of your awesome, caring, shoulders. I wish I were closer and could offer some help. Brian and you have such a deep spiritual understanding and I know that will bring you some measure of peace in this scary, chaotic time.

Try to get some rest while Brian rests. And just lean waaayyyy back as my arms are right behind you holding you in a warm, gentle, hug. Please give Brian a gentle, healing, hug from me too.

With much love,


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Brian and Pat, I hope and trust that Brian is afforded enough relief to travel to the wedding. you did the right thing, keeping in touch. let us carry as much of this as possible for you.

the hospital sounds liek the right place for him right now - pain relief, and a whole lot of help for you. I know you're scared, honey, but use this time to fortify and know that he's in the best possible hands - and you're both in god's loving arms. I still love that doc, his attitude is wonderful.

and god bless the FMLA. it's the right thing to do, hon.

talk to you later,



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