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Addie Update


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I haven't been around much lately...just popping in here and there as energy allows.

Since I found out my liver tumors were growing again and I needed to change chemos....I've been struggling not only with the unsettled stomach and no appetite again...but...I lost my full grip on my essential Addietude, too.

Needed some time to wrap my head around yet another setback...and refind my positive mindset.

I have to say, this is honestly the first time I've been troubled much by "side effects" of any of this. I've not been nauseated to the point of getting sick....but still, if y'all know that urpy tummy feeling...it's bad enough.

Add a left foot that feels more and more like a tree stump from intensifying neuropathy, continuing sleep issues and a general but fairly pronounced fatigue...and ol' Addie ain't been a ton of fun, lately. Don't trust me on that....ask my poor hubby. He says I'm entitled...bless his heart....but the poor guy is going out trying to find me milkshakes to "eat" for dinner because nothing else much appeals.

Anyway....I hope I'm gaining on it. Some days I do have a bit more energy AND optimism...and other days, by the time I shower and clean up....I'm ready for a nap.

There are a lot of people struggling FAR more than I am...so this is just an update....not a plea for sympathy. Just wanted you all to know where I've been and why.

We're at that time of the week where there is a lot of golf on t.v., so that keeps me distracted and occupied too...along with my knitting and pin making.

I have the second dose of Taxotere on Monday...and am really hoping that after that, it will have a positive effect on my gut. If I can shake the mild nausea....then I will refind my appetite, I hope, and stop the weight loss (I'm down about 6-7 lbs).

If it appears I need a swift kick in the arse, please feel free to wind up your foot. I know Cindi is gonna do it anyway....and probably Snowflake and Dianne too...so y'all might as well get in on it.

I'll be back at the pub soon as I can stomach a drink again....ok?

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no kick in the arse. it's great to hear from you, and thank you for confirming what I have suspected all along - that you're HUMAN. glad to hear the Addietude is returning, though. you are an incredible fighter, and we're with you!!

love and admiration, Addie.



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Oh, Addie...sorry you're not feeling well lately but I know this is just temporary and soon you'll get your energy boost!

I think you know just how much you are loved and cared about by everyone on this board and that you are in our prayers daily. I am really glad you checked in.

I've never been to the *pub* but I just bet they serve shakes there :D

Here's a hug and a few *gentle arse kicks* This should tide you over until the others get here.

Love, Libby

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Okay, I posted a reply to your message and darn it, it's not here! :shock::roll:

Okay, what I said before my voice here was tossed out in space was.

Are you saying we need to form a line so we can kick you in the $*@) ? Is that what your saying?

Well, I'm a hugger not a kicker! ((((ADDIE))))

Sorry to hear your not doing so hot. I'm just going to hope and pray that YOU will kick this in the arse and get back to feeling better really soon.

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Chemo can be hell Addie. You and my hubby (Mike) sound like you are in the same boat these days. He is on CPT-11, but the upset stomach, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue all has him down. He lost 7 lbs with the first treatment and just got his second one this past Monday. He's not too lively this week and really having to make himself eat. It's rough. I just hope yours will be better real soon. We miss your cheerful attitude and your one of a kind sense of humor. Sure hope you will feel a lot better real soon.

Love and Prayers,


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Naw. No kicks for you, pal. You get hugs and lots and lots of good wishes and prayers sent your way that you shake this. I remember that urpy feeling, yes -- it was the one and only thing that really got to me ill through all of this, after the initial diagnosis of tumor & pneumonia, and when I had the gallbladder problems. It is awful. I hate that you're going through it. Ick.

I took Protonix and it helped some -- hope they have you on some good drugs for that too.

Keep us posted, ok? We all care about you, yanno. Lots and lots.


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I knew a guy years ago who drank scotch and milk. Claimed he had a bad stomach and this served two purposes, either helped his stomach or he didn't give a damn.

Addie, my dear friend, this is just a small set back. The old (not a reference to age) 'addie'tude will be along very soon. Hang in there and practice your putting on the living room carpet.

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Just the fact that you posted feeling as crappy as you do is impressing. You have impressed us all with your spunk and determination all along so hang tough. You will feel better soon. You may try to put a shot of tequila in that milkshake or just have a marguerita instead. If you're like me though, when you feel that sh---y, you don't want a drink.

Well anyway, great to see you posting again. Chin up and God Bless.


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You poor ole soul, this too shall pass.

If you're looking for a milkshake to "eat" try pouring Ensure into a bowl and freezing it - it's supposed to taste like ice cream.

My friend was real sick earlier in the summer (pneumonia/collapsed lung, two code blues etc.) anyway she wasn't eating and didn't like Ensure type drinks so the visiting nurse suggested freezing it and she said it went down "quite well" and kept her going until her appetite came back.

Keep on truckin' kiddo, I'll be in touch



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Hey there,

If I thought you needed a good swift kick in the pants, you would get it!

I don't think you need that right now though, hon.

Your "addie" tude is still there. I can hear it all over the place. You are still an amazing woman, even when you are feeling punky.

No advice, just hang in there. Lean on us when you need. Read the stupid jokes in the forum. And know that you're loved and prayed for everyday.

This will pass. (love your husband!!!)

love, Cindi

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Oh Addie I am sorry you feel like crud. You can get a milk shake at the pub I'm sure. Or how about one of those frozen virgin drinks. We all have periods when we lose our "tude"...yours will be back. You can't keep a good woman down...

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Oh Addie,

I am glad you posted to let us know what is going on and how you are feeling. A kick in the arse :shock: ...think not... you deserve a round of applause. You are such an inspiration to so many here. Your wit and humor cannot be supassed. I for one absolutely love reading your inspiring posts. If anyone deserves some down time it certainly is you.

You take it easy and I know this will pass. With all you have gone through and are still going through your Addietude still shines through. Your are a wonderful soul.

Take care my friend, I know I will be buying you a drink at Cindi's pub and it won't be a milkshake.

Mega prayers sent to you. :)

Maryanne :wink:

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No kicks coming from me either. You are such an amazing woman that you deserve some down time and lots of hugs from all of us. It sucks about the tummy problems and having to take this darn chemo again, but if anyone can do it, its you. I look up to you Addie. I love your posts and I can still see that Addietude coming through even as you feel so badly.

Prayers are on their way for you to get better soon.


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Sorry, Addie, my arse-kickin' boots are out for a much needed cleaning - they have monster poop on 'em. I kicked the crap outta some monsters recently and just can't kick your arse with the same icky boots (besides, monster poop is really, really toxic).

I'm glad to see you posting and sorry that you've been feeling badly. I know that you don't camp out on the pity pot, but everyone needs to lick their wounds every now and then.

Rally 'round, waitin' for more of your p*ss and vinegar!



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Addie so sorry your latest is not the greatest. Addie check out my Posting on Great Health and energy drink called FRS. My wife really likes it and no stomach problem's and seem's to have more energy and love's the taste as she say's it taste like Tang. .....

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