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Hi, everyone.

Haven't written lately because things have been busy and sad. Mom had gamma knife on October 19th for recurrent brain mets. She had gotten much weaker before the procedure, so much so that we took her in to see the onc. one week before. She was a little dehydrated, but otherwise blood work was normal.

After a very very long day with the gamma knife, Mom stayed overnight in the hospital. After she came home, we all waited for her to improve. But gradually, she got weaker and weaker. It's obvious now that the disease has gotten farther in her brain than the gamma knife could help.

Mom is bedridden, with a catheter. Blood work is all normal. She has to be fed, as she is too shaky to feed herself. Mom can't even turn over without help. She sleeps a lot, and doesn't say much. She will respond when spoken to, and still has a sense of humor, but speaking is a real effort.

She is not in any pain. We have had assistance from Home and Hospice daily under the palliative care program, and tomorrow we will be changing her to the regular hospice program. Dad is coping as best he can. We give Mom lots of company, and whatever she wants to eat - including baked stuffed lobster.

It's a sad time for us, but we are so very grateful for the almost 2 years Mom has had since diagnosis. I am also grateful for the companionship of this site.

Saying prayers for us all,


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Dear Jen,

So sorry to hear your news, but I'm glad your mom is comfortable and in no pain. I know that you'll treasure every moment you have with her and that she'll appreciate that too. Take care of yourself as well. I'll be thinking of you and your mom and hoping for peace and ease as she goes into the last stages of this journey.


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