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Heart Pass

Connie B

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Well, I guess every now and then even I need to take a Hall Pass. My only wish is that it would be for something fun.

My hubby and I are out in Vegas for the winter months, (so we thought) I haven't been well for about the last 9 weeks off and on. Thought it was the crud coming and going. WRONG! :roll:

Well long story short, I don't have LUNG CANCER, but the doc's believe that the Tumor (Myxoma) I had in my heart 3 years ago that they removed, is BACK! :shock::roll:

All my symptoms are headed straight at it being the Myxoma tumor in my left atrium. This is a rare tumor and I'm not a good candidate for surgery, but at this time, it's too soon to say what will happen.

As of Monday, my hubby and I board a plane back to Minnesota and I am scheduled for lots and lots and lots of tests at Mayo Heart Clinic starting this coming Wednesday going through the end of next week they say.

So, I'm off to Mayo and I just wanted to let you all know I wish you ALL a very Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season.

My heart even though is already broken for health reasons is also breaking for those that have lost a dear loved one this year and throughout the holiday season. I can only say, I feel your pain and I hope you all make new memories as you walk the path without your loved one at your side. My prayers are with you all.

Ry, I think I need the Heart Healthy Pass please!

As Katie said, I didn't beat Lung Cancer for the last 10+ years to let my heart get the best of me! :wink:

God Bless Us All and Best Wishes,


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I've got a great big red heart hall pass just for you. Getting this thing around will be enough aerobic exercise to work that heart into shape. I know you can do this...you're our Super Connie. Good luck at Mayo and check in when you can.


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Oh (((Connie))),

Okay now....time to rally ONE MORE TIME, you know??? We will be vigilant with the praying, wishing, hoping part....you come through those tests with flying colors.

I don't know about this tumor. I think I may do some reading this afternoon about it. You were a candidate for surgery 3 years ago, right? Is that the reason you aren't considered a candidate this time? Just wondering.

Post when you can, dear friend. We will miss you and will be thinking of you during your test time.



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Hi Connie,

Sorry to hear the bad news. How dare that come back!!

Like you said thank G-d it is not the LC. This is fixable as you have been through this before.

You are at the best hospital with the best docs and I am condifent you will get the best care.

I will be thinking of you and sending special prayers for a good outcome. You are a special lady and I know you will be fine.

Keep us posted please if you can.


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This is the pits (as we say down south). I sure hope all of your tests show something that can be fixed easily. You are in my prayers Connie. You are right...you didn't come this far beating the lung cancer to have something like this get you.

Maybe Ry is right. Lugging that huge heart pass may fix you right up. Please keep in touch as you can.


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Connie , just got home from work and read the email from Rhonda then found this post. Praying for you my special friend. Hope we get to talk next week. Only good thing is maybe you'll get to see the grand babies. (((((((((((((((((((((Connie))))))))))))))))))Donna G

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Dear Friend...

It was wonderful talking to you...I felt such a closeness...

Connie...like all the others' have said....with your positive attitude and all the prayers from these wonderful people...just don't know how you could miss...

I feel very confident that everything will turn out just fine...but just hate that you have to go thru this...

All of us know that LC sux's and you are a 10+ yr survivor and to be a survivor for that long and still going strong...this heart business is not going to get in your way....We will pray ...pray and pray and God will heal you...back to your beautiful self...Just stay positive and keep the faith...

Big hugs...PamS.

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Dang it, Connie... I just typed out a message and was so upset that I guess I deleted it by mistake. Let me try this again!

I just don't know what to say... except maybe @#$%^&*!!! Or *&^%$#@!!! Nothing else seems to fit.

What I'm wondering, though, is if maybe the problem is just that these doctors have never seen a heart as BIG as yours is, just normally?! Big enough to fit all that passion and caring in... It IS pretty big, you know. Tumor schoomer, I'm hoping they just realize it's naturally the biggest heart they've ever seen, and whatever problem you're facing now will be easily remedied so you can head on back out west to enjoy retirement land with your hubbie... after a quick visit to the grandkids while you're in Minnesota.

Seriously, my prayers are with you now and will be on that plane to Mayo with you, too. I'm lighting a candle (one that is sweet and smells good!) for you right now and saying a prayer.



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You were right there for me earlier this week and now it's my turn to be there for you, friend. It wouldn't be welcome news anytime, but right when you and DH go off to the desert to enjoy the winter - JEESH!! :roll:

They gotta fix you up, Connie, 'cause it'll break my heart if they don't fix yours. I mean it. You just remind those doctors there are A LOT of people depending on them to make our friend well SOON!

Sending you every ounce of strength and all the caring thoughts I have,


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