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The beauty of normalcy


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I just wanted to share a moment that mom and I had this week. I went by her house after work to wash her hair with the special pre-op shampoo and afterward, we had a moment of normalcy that made me feel so good. Made her feel good too, I could tell.

I laid in mom's bed and she rubbed my head, played with my hair and we just talked here and there. My stepdad came in, threw his arm's up and yelled "I wish I could get some appreciation" and walked out. Despite his attitude, it was a moment of normalcy and it was time where she was my mama and I was her baby girl.

It was such a special, simple moment that I wanted to share it with you guys who understand how beautiful these times are.

I love you guys...

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Oh Lori those times are the best. I have had a few moments like that with my mom. Always too it seems laying in the bed beside her. We always crawled up in bed with Mom as children so I guess it is a place to take us back to those moments in our chilrhood, even if it is just a moment it is worth so much more.


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I'm so glad you and your Mom had that moment together.

I'm not a violent person...but when I read some of things you write about your SF I just want to reach across cyberspace and slap him upside the head a dozen or so times. I doubt it would do him much good, but it might make me feel better. :roll:

If there is any way possible for your Mom to give you legal and or medical power of attorney before the surgery I hope you will push to do so. Because I don't think your SF's behavior indicates that he holds your Mom's best interests primary.

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers for good results, and many more of the good moments.

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Thanks for sharing a personal and private moment in time. I wish I could find those "normal" moments in time. But, Mom's Alzheimer's has almost taken her beyond that point. She hardly remembers today, never mind anything else. I hope you have more of those precious moments in you time. Don't worry about the step-father thing. You only have to worry about you and your Mom and do what is best for both of you. Let him be selfish, but, you have the love to give to your Mom and that's what means the most to her right now.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.


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What a special day for you and your mom. Just cherish that day and don't let anything or anyone rain on your parade. Don't pay any mind to what your SF said or how he acted. It was just an act of ignorance and selfishness. He doesn't know how to be kind. But it was a loving and memorable day for you and mom. Yes, you are your momma's babygirl and always will be, no one can change that or take that away from you.

I lift your mom up in special prayer for a successful surgery, speedy recovery and cure...

God Bless, prayers and hugs,

Love ya,


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