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I am in pieces right now we were there when she died 8:30 last night. AT first I run out but than I came back she was calling me back i felt it. I was there when she took the last breath. I couldn't breath any more I asked her to help me now to go throught this and Then I fell a beautiful sense of peace. Even at the end she was fighting it but we told her that was ok to go. I will never forget that moment that we share with her an my brother and sister. I still can believe that she is gone.........

Thank you all!


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Dear Martha

My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family on the passing of your mom. This is so difficult and will take time to heal.

I am so glad all her kids were there when her soul left her sick body.

We are always here for you. Let us help you through this.

Peace be with you.


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