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2/13/06 Talked to Fay A.

Connie B

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You know, I'm not sure which Forum I should be posting these updates in, be it, General or Asking for Prayers. Well, I'll post it here. :?:roll::wink:

I just talked with Fay. She is doing okay but she is very sad. Our converstation brought out a lot of tears for both of us.

I'm am heartsick that she said she feels like she is cut off from the world at this Hospice Facility. She can't have a computer because of connecting problems. She can't answer the phone only if someone is in her room. :cry::cry::cry: She has Nurse Ratchet that isn't being very kind to Fay.

And the bottom line is, Fay wants to go home.

She is on Liquid Oxygen and being she is on that, there are laws and fire codes, and what have you as to why she can't go home with it. :roll: Plus Fay and Bob live in the boonies, so to speak. Plus there is the issue of the house. Her family and friends are very busy trying to get the house in order to hopefully bring Fay home. KEEP YOUR FINGERS, TOES, and WHAT EVER CROSSED THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN!

Well long story short, Fay wants to go home to die. :cry::cry: She has had family and friends visit her, but she hates that she can't have a computer and is unable to reach the phone.

I did share with her how all of you have sent wishes and prayers to her. (SHE CRIED)! :cry: Bunny, she got your BOOK! She said THANK YOU and she asked how you mom was doing. She also has each and every ONE of you in her thoughts and prayers as well. She asked how TAnn is doing, and how Jen is doing, because she knows they haven't been doing well. She's still offering Love and Support to EVERYONE HERE AT LCSC. I love her spirit and dedication in helping others even when she's as low as she can feel at this time. She really is a remarkable LADY! As someone said, she really is a

CLASS ACT!! She is the Cream of the Crop.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as I know you all will.

God Bless Us All,

Connie B.

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Everything you said about Fay was exactly the way I feel about her and the kind of wonderful person she is.

She certainly does not need all this aggravation toward the end of her journey. This is so sad and heartbreakin. I pray they can get the house in order for her to return home.

Please Fay hang on, we are all praying and pulling for you.

Praying for a miracle.


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Big hugs to you (((((((FAY)))))))). Sending love and prayers and good thoughts for some peace for you and that you may return to your home somehow. I am praying for your miracle that you are so deserving of.

Much love always,


P.S. Tell Nurse Ratchet to BACK-OFF!!

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I pray that Fay will be able to join her family at home very soon. I know it must be so heartbreaking for her being away and feeling out of touch. Fay is a very strong and determined lady. If anyone can pull through a tough situation, it will surely be our Fay.

Connie, thanks for keeping us updated on Fay's condition. I'm sure she values your devoted friendship.

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thank you for the updates on Fay. It is heartbreaking to know that she is suffering and not able to be home where she wants to be with her family.

Fay has always been a very special and wonderful person with so much to share. Her insights are so profound and I feel have benefited many going through the journeys they are on.

Give her my love. My prayers are for all of us.


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Fay is much too wonderful of a lady to go through this trauma. she has reached out to so many of us, and has been here forever. I cannot bear the thought of her in that place that is supposed to give comfort.

Can we all light a candle for her tomorrow? All at the same time? Would 10PM easter standard time work for all? I'm just not sure that I'll be awake at 11.


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