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brain surgery-again!


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Hello family. We got the results from mom's MRI yesterday and unfortunately the 2 old brain tumors that were previously treated with stereotactic radiosurgery have doubled in size in 1 month since her last brain surgery. So, her neurosurgeon recommends that he remove them surgically and implant brachytherapy seeds bc she survived the first surgery. He believes that the reason she was not making progress in rehab is bc of these two tumors. One of them is in the area that controls mobility, so....

Mom has decided she wants to do it. I just said over an over that I am so thankful that she can make this decision and I support her decisions.

Her neurosurgeon said there is an article getting ready to be published about this type of aggressive treatment. I am going to try to get a copy and post it here if I am allowed. It may help someone else. Apparently average life expectancy is 1 year after these surgeries for her, which is more hope than what the reahb Dr. told us, which was basically bring her home to die bc her prognosis was so poor.

I made sure to speak up to the neurosurgeon and let him know that if he is going to do this aggressive treatment on my mom (and others) that he needs to be SURE that the rehab Drs. are educated as to what the expectations are. The therapy afterward is so important.

So, mom signed the consent forms and the next surgery is being performed at UC (University of Cincinnati) by Dr. Robert Warnick on February 27th.

Tell me she ain't a ball of fire and definitely fighting the good fight. I am still so proud.

P.S. The new rehab place has a bath tub that they hoist mom into. We are total bath girls, so for her to be able to bathe again is simply wonderful. She told me she felt sooooo good and human again. :D

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I am so overjoyed to hear that your mom is still in there fighting and is getting such aggressive treatment and attention from her doctor. I will be praying that all goes well.

And from one bath girl to another, I am happy mom is able to bathe again and enjoy another perk of her new surroundings.

God bless, and hope mom is feeling much better real soon.

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Your Mom is truly one tough gal.... I am praying the surgery goes extremely well. My mother in law had bracytherapy to her liver when she was diagnosed with liver cancer. They gave her 3 months to live, with the bracytherapy she lived 3 1/2 years.... it is increble what can be done. I pray your Mom sets new records!!!! Love, Sharon

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Lori, I can see where you get your tenaciousness from! It's so refreshing to hear someone counter a response to a doctor on so sbvious an issue, yet one that they might not be aware of or take for granted. Continutiy of the plan and the belief in the good it will bring is essential, and I for one am in awe of your ability to verbalize at the appropriate time! I uaually think of that stuff hours later.

Bathing is such a soothing and essential thing! I remember the first shower my dad received after about 4 months. I'm sure the bath was heavenly for your mom!

Best wishes that all goes well, and do try to get yor mom to sign durable POA and living will to YOU to be sure her wishes are carried out. You seem to be the one most likely to execute her wishes.

God bless you for being you!


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I like your mom's attitude...she'll kick the pants off this monster. She's been hrough so much and she's still rockin'. I also like your offer to share so much during these hard times. Those of us still fighting often don't have the strength to search around for new treatments. This board has been a Godsend. Thank you and good luck.

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