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Greetings to all, I've been meaning to intro myself but just too scared to come out. I've been posting for about a month. I love this group, only wish I had a group like this when I was dx'd 5 years ago. Anyway, today is a "snow day off " in northern California so no excuse not to write.

I was accidentally dx'd 5 years ago with BAC lc. I was preparing for a routine hysterectomy and my ob-gyn unintentionally checked chest x-ray on the pre-op labwork order. She says she never checks chest x-ray, but that maybe the copy paper got offset. Anyway, at first they thought it wasn't lc since I never smoked and was only 46. Plus my tumor was so large one doc told me I wouldn't be standing if it was lc.

Immediately after my bronchoscopy, the pulmonary doc fished my husband from the waiting room and said the tissue looked healthy to him and he was pretty sure it was OK. A few days later I called him to double check path and he said the news was bad.

So I had the resection. They took out top and middle right lobes. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was about a million. Pain meds make me throw up, so I got two extra strength Tylenol/day. I was in hosp for 11 days mainly because I wouldn't eat. Horrible experience. Topped it off with chemo and radiation because I had a 0.1mm margin right where the bronchial tubes branch to the lobes. Chemo and radiation was a picnic compared to the hospital.

Since then I've done OK. My scar has healed and is virtually pain free. I still get short of breath, but radiation pretty much melted my lower right lobe too. Some false alarms with the scans, but OK. Am I the only one here that's had 3 bronchoscopies? Aren't they a treat?

My husband and I both teach math at the local community college for last 20 years. Sometimes my posts are blunt, so now you know why. :roll:

I am so happy to find this group. Emotionally I am still a wreck from the whole ordeal. It helps to write about it and it helps to know my experience could be of some value to others.

Oh, and I call myself "Blaze" after my favorite childhood pony. And I live in Northern CA, but grew up on a dairy farm outside Eau Claire, WI. I noticed some of you are from the midwest too.


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Hi Barb. I see you really have been posting without telling us about yourself! I am so glad you finally did. Your post will give so much hope to those diagnosed recently with BAC. Especially where you say you are a five year survivor! You have much to celebrate! Believe me the old thorocotomy surgery is no fun for any of us! I had an epidural "for pain" that had fallen out. Essentially I was fresh post op with no pain control. It was horrible!

So glad you are "out" Donna G

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Nice to meet you. Sorry you had such a horrible experience. I had a pretty awful hospital experience also, but I cannot imagine not having the morphine. They said I got over-medicated and took away the morphine until I woke up in horrible pain and then medicated me and I went back to sleep. Still to this day, doesn't make any sense, why they did that to me. And yeah, those bronchoscopies are such a treat. Thank God, I only had one of them, wasn't medicated enough & was pretty much wide awake thru it all, and then to top it off, it didn't confirm any cancer. Didn't get the care I thought I should have gotten in the hospital either. Thanks for letting me vent.

Congratulations on 5 yrs. and Welcome, Patty

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Welcome Barb,

You are so right this is a very supportive website. I am grateful to have found it when I did. Questions, concerns, fears-all are understood here.

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Great. It's official. I am a member of the group. No matter what happens to one of us, there is at least one other person with similar experience. Just knowing that helps me accept and forgive. Thanks. Oh yes, and I was awake my first broncho too. I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. :lol: Barb

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Hi Blaze,

Funny how things happen and you were diagnoised getting a pre admission testing and having a routine chest Xray. (maybe you doctor should look at them for now on!!)

You are very lucky lady that they were able to operated to take it out.

I know you will continue to be C free.

By the way Congrats!!! on being a 5 year survivor. You will continue to have many many more.


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Welcome!! My daughter LOVES those books!! We go and find them when we can...bought a whole lot of them from a local library that was clearing them out for "newer" books! I'm so glad to hear you've been good since the resection! Makes us all smile, i think, when we see someone doing well after 5+years!

Lots of good feelings coming your way...

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