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My Dad has Passed Away - I'm so sad

gail p-m

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I have been taking care of my Dad for a bit over a month now. He entered an "in home" hospice program last Thursday and passed away last night (Tues). He beat this damn disease for almost 6 years and at his age, that was pretty impressive. I was not with him when he passed. He had just gone into the "hospice facility" today and I went home to get a change of clothes to spend the night and found out that he had passed in the while I was on my way back. It was such a fast decline. Each day brought something new and it wasn't good. I am alone tonight except for my 2 dogs who give me a lot of comfort. My children were flying from Vancouver to see their Grandpa and will arrive tomorrow but it's too late. My husband will arrive the following evening. He did not have a "good" death and I'm not impressed with hospice -- the in home care and the facility. I guess I should get to bed -- it's almost 3:30 AM.

I hate lung cancer.

Thanks for listening.

gail p-m

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I am so very sorry. You fought the good fight right alongside your Dad for the past 6 years. This just has to be a most difficult, sad time for you. I'm hoping you can draw on the many positive experiences that occurred for you both during this journey. You were such an admirable advocate............nothing to second guess about. Am sending many prayers your way to help get you through.


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Oh Gail, I am just so very sorry. I know how very much you loved you Dad. You were a wonderful daughter and caregiver. Remembering you and your family in my prayers.

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You couldn't have loved or cared for him better. I'm so very sorry that your Dad is gone. It's so hard when the decline comes so fast. You want that precious time to adjust to 'non-fight' mode, but instead you deal with those new horrible things each day.

Praying for you and hurting with you.


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