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As my grandmother used to say - it's always something Ricky!


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First I want to thank Rochelle and Geri for being a great friend's keeping everyone informed and also for everyone's kind words, thoughts and prayers. Well in a nut shell I ended up at the ER (a few quarts low) Monday after not feeling well to say the least. After many, many test etc it was determined that my ITP again threw everything (CBC) in a tail spin. As a result ended up with a mild heart attack (no damage) again. Was given numerous transfusion (platelets, blood etc / lost count) and that was the magic bullet. Next up is an appointment with my onc next Tuesday to start 4 infusions of Retuxan and hopefully that will get me back on track and back to chemo. I do considered myself very lucky and blessed that I have a fantastic oncologist who went above and beyond to make sure everyone involved came through for me. I would not be here today without her. All the more to enjoy life to the fullest and I'm ready to get on with it. Everyone take care and enjoy your weekend I know I am!


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Welcome back Rich!!!

I'm so happy you are feeling better, and have such a supportive onc. I LOVE hearing there was no damage.

You have such a big and loving heart, I couldn't bear for it to be damaged. (((RICH)))

Rest, let yourself be pampered and know you are loved here.

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A cat with 9 lives.

So very glad you are safe and sound. Glad your onc. is pulling so hard for you.. You are one lucky guy.

Did you see my note to you about the new GEICO commercial. When I saw it, I couldn't help but think of you and whenever I see it now, I get the giggles and put myself in there too... "hope I never get hit in the rear again!"

Cindi o'h

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Been worried sick about you. Ry and Geri kept us informed and boy was I glad you had very little damage. Now that you got a new batch of blood products I hope you continue to improve. We missed the heck out of you. Glad you are back.


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