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New Member, New Lung Cancer Info Blog: www.OncTalk.com


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My name is Dr. Jack West and I'm an oncologist in Seattle with a particular interest and expertise in lung cancer. I lead several clinical trials and speak to audiences of patients and, more commonly, other medical professionals, about the latest treatments for lung cancer. Although I haven't been in this discussion setting, I've participated on several ACOR lung cancer lists over the last several months, trying to add answers to questions from an oncology professional with a major interest in lung cancer.

I just started a lung cancer blog, which I intend to regularly update with new information about the current state of the art, new agents, interesting clinical trials, and controversial issues in the field. I want to welcome people to check out the site, which includes archives of the subjects I've done, and the search function will be improved (as soon as Google recognizes the site, which will be when people visit and link to it, so Google sees it's not a junk/spam site).

Anyway, come check it out a the following web address:


I would very much welcome your suggestions. I want to provide information that patients and families want and need, information that isn't already available elsewhere.


Jack West

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Welcome Dr. West,

Thank you for sharing another place for us to up date information. I hope that you will read some of our profiles and medical histories so that you can share with your patients that its not all about numbers. We are individuals and each respond differently to different treatments. So many times we are all treated as a "group" that brought this disease upon ourselves. I know that you know that is not the case but if you could share that "feeling" with your fellows it would help.

Again welcome. I hope you will visit often and I intend to visit your blog. I don't know what we would do without you wonderful, caring doctors and staff that have given us a chance. I wish every oncologist would be so loving.


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Welcome Dr Jack West! Lung cancer is a very scary diagnosis to be given. It is very emotional and very exausting to go through the diagnosis and treatment. We all need lots of information to help us deal with this and also support.

Donna G

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Hi Dr West-- I am sure you reember me from our e-mail conversations.

I think what you are doing is very honorable and caring.

I think you will really like being a member of lchelp.com

For those of you here that know me I became famialr with Dr West through a a Forum focused entirely on BAC NSCLC. Faye A actually introduced me to that forum. He is very supportive and very knowledgable. This is a great addition to our resources here at lchelp.com.


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www.OncTalk.com I actually went to this website and was very surprised. It is real, it is legit and it is very informative. Lots of information about treatments and different drugs. Information about non small cell as well as small cell and BAC. Not only that but we have a real oncologist answering our questions again. I asked two questions today and the answeres to both were posted today.
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Welcome here Dr. West,

It is so great to have a professional on board here. I will become a member of your blog. It is full of valuable information and I for one appreciate you coming here and telling us about it.

It is also so refreshing to have a you here to help answer some questions especially about new treatments.

Again, thank you for finding us and taking time to be here when I know how busy you must be.

Again, thank you and welcome!!

Maryanne :wink:

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