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Saw my doc. today, after six rounds of chemo he considers the results a "smashing success"!! I wish he could have told me the cancer was all gone, but that's not the case. Everything has shrunk significantly and no mets soooo I got my first treatment of just Avastin. Now we're just crossing fingers and toes that the Avastin will keep this thing away for a long, long time.

Now we can kick back and enjoy the holidays. Alleluia, thank you God!!!


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Had so many things crossed here all day it all hurts!!!!! What wonderful news :lol: ! Shrinkage is MUSIC to my ears.....yours too, I am sure. I am certain that if we thought real hard we could come up something better than this......but for now ~ this news can't be beat!

You can celebrate Friday BIG time now. I am going to tell all.....Friday is Tracy's 40th b-day :roll: . And I want to start the weeklong celebration with a toast:

Here is to a wonderful niece, daughter, wife, mother, and friend. And here's to so many more years, Tracy. I love you, dear godchild of mine!


Aunt Kasey

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Tracy ~ Congrats on your smashing success and on your upcoming birthday. Wishing you health and happiness in your next 40 years.

By the way, my mom has NSLC and although her tumor has not gone completely away her doctor thinks it is a 'dead' tumor. Maybe that is what is showing up on your scan too???

Enjoy your celebration!


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That's absolutely fantastic! I have a special reason for being happy -- your current program mirrors mine, and the CT scan after my third cycle showed improvement. Looking forward to joining you on the Avastin-only scene, maybe in late January. Let us know what side-effects remain once the Carboplatin and Taxol are out of the picture.

And happy birthday, youngster! With much Aloha,


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Tracey, That is wonderful news!!! Just in time to give you a great holdiay. :mrgreen:

What a difference a year makes... last year you were so scared and afraid of the uncertainty. Now one year later you are doing terrific.

Next, NED!!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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Tracy, this news has made my day!!! Heck...it's made my MONTH!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!! 8)8)8)

Everyone join me at Cindi's for a round!! Tracy, we toast your excellent results, & your 40th, and wish you MANY, MANY, MANY, (MANY x 100) more!!!!!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!!

Yours in HOPE!!


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Yay Tracy! Terrific news! I have been off chemo and on just Avastin since May and am doing just fine! I hope to see the same results for you! I also have a birthday coming up (the 21st), and 12/28 is the anniversary of my diagnosis so I am a soon to be one year survivor! Keep up the positive attitude and you will be fine! Have a wonderful birthday and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God Bless,


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