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I'm home for a few minutes, so I thought I'd update. Mom is STILL in the hospital--been in since the day after Christmas. They are telling her she *might* go home some time early next week (we hope). Her new chemo on the 20th just smacked her too hard. They can't get her WBC, or platelets to stabilize. They give her platelets, and then her #s still decline the next day. She's had several units of blood. She is losing a lot of blood through her nose and ostomy. Her hemoglobin is so low that she is extremely SOB. The good news is that her fever has not shown its head for the last two days.

It's exhausting. Caregiver, mom, wife, school has started back up, so I'm working full time, and spending nights at the hospital. My brother and SIL came into town tonight, and are taking over for the weekend. Yea!

I just hate to see her so weak. She really feels defeated right now. She was supposed to do her next round on Wed. Obviously that won't happen. Even when they restart, it will only be with a 50-75% reduction in the chemo, so I wonder if it will do any good.

Any extra prayers are appreciated.


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Kelly prayers from me to you and your mom and in fact the whole family. Since we are both in Oklahoma these prayers should reach you extra quick. Not sure where in Oklahoma you are located or where your mom is hospitalized. The closest large town to me is Tulsa. If she is anywhere near me I would be glad to go visit if she feels like having company.

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