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Pet/Ct Scan Results A/O 1/24/07


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Saw my oncologist today and went over the results of my Pet/Ct Scan Monday. No change since the last Ct Scan last June. Several nodules still there in both lungs but all very small and not doing anything but hanging out and behaving themselves. Everything else looks good. Game plan is to take 3 months off after 48 months of chemo. Plan on being here for many many years. I hope this helps those with Stage IV that it is not a death sentence, that one can still have a life and be here a very long time. If I can do it anyone can. My spirits are good and my attitude is even better.

Take care everyone!

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Way to go, Rich. I wish there were some way to enlarge the smiling emoticon......cause that's the way I feel.....BIG smiles for ya. Enjoy 'vacation' Rich, and I hope when you and I have been here so long that our minds start to go ~ that we sill still remember who each other is :? Give my best to Kathy and Tina too!




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