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Jim didn't make it


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It was less than a month ago that I posted here for the first time about my husband's diagnosis. I never imagined that I would be posting about his death this soon. Jim died this evening after spending just 5 days in the hospital and less than 2 days under hospice care. Last Friday he developed a severe pain in his side and chest and was admitted to the hospital. Many tests and several days later it was determined that he had a hole in his esophagus that couldn't be repaired and an infection in his mediastinum. He spent the next 4 days heavily medicated, but still able to walk to the bathroom, sit up and communicate coherently. His last 24 hours were spent sleeping comfortably thanks to a morphine drip. His death was peaceful and pain free, but I can't believe he's gone.

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My thought and prayers go out to everyone, Pleae accept my deepest condolences. Lean on us if and whenever you feel the need. We are always here.

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