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My mother in law, Lynn passed away


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I thought I would let everyone know that my mil passed away on Friday evening. The doctors kept saying she would go in a coma, but she never did. She even seemed a little better during the day, then around 5 she started breathing differently and within 15 minutes she was gone. It was a blessing for all of us, her included as she has suffered horribly these last few months. We are leaving in the morning for Chicago.


mil dxd w/IV lc in August, gave no hope

chemo September through December

January scan showed cancer in brain

Radiation on brain/chest at the end of January

February heart raced, wouldn't stop, had to have heart started/stopped 3xs before finding medication to regulate heart rate. New medication for heart lowered blood pressure so she could not start any more chemo

Mid-February pain in legs, couldn't stand, scan showed cancer in hips, spine

More radiation!

stopped all treatment in April as cancer was spreading too fast

passed away May 10, 2007

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Thoughts Prayers and Condolences at this time. Take peace in knowing that she was and is loved by amny and will be missed greatly by all.

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