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Good to go!


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Hi everyone,

I've just returned from my lung surgeon's office for my annual CT and visit, and he says my CT looks good and I'm all set for another year!

Of course, I'm angry at myself again for all the worry time I give all of this, and the life I lose out on over the anticipation of this day, but only here do I know people understand these reactions and feelings. Just pulling up to that circle driveway at the medical center makes my stomach churn, but I know that all of you know those very same emotions.

Again, thank you all for another year of your never ending support.


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What terrific news, Cindy! And I DO share those same anxious moments (days or weeks really) before the scans and results.

Will you be in Chicago? I would love to celebrate in person! Now go live your life until this time next year.


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Congratulations! :D:D:D I am so very happy for you! I think the anxiety that you go through makes the good news about your scans even 'gooder'.


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Congratulations on the excellent news and we do know how you feel about the anxiety issues.

Our DX anniversaries must be pretty close. Mine is 6/26/03 and I go in for my semi-annual CAT scan on the 7th.

Each of us here inspires someone at one time or another. One of my biggest pity parties was when my daughter was DX'd with breast cancer near the same time you were. I found the waiting and worrying over her worse than it was for myself and here you were, facing both problems yourself.

My prayers are with you my friend.


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