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Doing the Happy Dance...3 yrs today ...cancer free


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Hi Guys and Gal's...

Just wanted to share with you today is my 3 year anniversary from being 'cancer free'....PRAISE GOD!!!!

3 years ago today I was probably in la la land as we speak...I woke up to learn I had LC....what a nightmare...my whole world turned upside down....I had a right lobe lobectomy staged at Stage 1A with no further treatments...Thank God...

Since then I have learned to accept it and that I am still here because God has a plan for me..and for that I will be forever grateful....

I almost immediately found this website and I am soo thankful I did..because of Debi's urging me to post..I finally did .Thank you Deb!!!.I have met such wonderful caring people in cyber space that have such wisdom ...knowledge...courage...etc etc...I want to thank Katie and Rich for all they have done for us...and thanks to all the wonderful people on this board for caring and praying...

Looking forward to having many many more years of being 'cancer free'....That goes for me and ALL OF US

We just have to hang in and wait for the cure...

love and hugs to all...Nonni/Pam

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I can't believe that it has been THREE years - holy crap!!!

I am SO glad that I have met you on here, and SO glad that you have stuck around. I know that I have been busy, and have become an email slacker, but you are one of the people I always think of, and I look for your updates.

Pam, I don't have to tell you that being one of the 'lucky' ones comes with its own price. But after my 3rd anniversary, I started finally believing that maybe I had escaped this thing that had killed so many of my friends on here. I hope that you begin to spend days where you don't think of cancer for more than a moment or even better, totally forgot to think about it at all! And then comes the day when you get a sore throat and that's ALL it is to you- a sore throat, not the onset of throat cancer.

My third year was a turning point, and my fourth year brought it home (most days! :roll: ). I wish the same gift for you!

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I'm dancing for you Pam!! :lol:

I am so glad that we met and have gotten to know each other. Now when you are driving Phil crazy with worry, you can call me instead. I don't know if there will ever be a time when we go all day without thinking about this horrible disease, but hopefully the worry and panic will get better as the years go on. I hope you guys went out and celebrated!

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