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Update from Connie

Connie B

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Hi Friends,

First I want to thank all of you for your love and support and prayers. Love to you ALL!

Well my news isn't the best.

I have numerous heart problems. Sever mitral valve leak is the worst. All the others added to this only make it worse, being a 70% blockage, Pulmonary Hypertention, scar tissue, etc., etc. This all is causing my SOB and as time goes on it will only get worse. Bummer!

Long story short I am not a candidate for surgery. There is no easy quick fix. And no meds will help this either.

I basically have serious heart disease.

My Cardiologists isn't giving up hope just yet, because he wants to see if maybe there is a less invasive surgery I might be able to do, but he has to talk to the surgeon that does it first. That surgeon is out of the Country for 2 weeks so we won't know anything about that until he gets back.

The Cardiologist did say this was very serious and the over all picture doesn't look good. Yet he was sooooo kind and sensitive when he was talking to Maurie and I. He held my hand and Maurie's hand and said we will continue to look for a fix, but for now there isn't any. He did say he was going to call my old surgeon at Mayo and he had a couple other doc's he wanted to talk to in Boston and Cleveland. So bless his heart he's a fighter too!

I'm doing pretty good. They did go in my neck vien (both sides) to look at my heart as also in my groin. Not fun but not really painful either at the time, but I'm pretty sore now. But, it's very doable.

I HIGHTLY RECOMMEND the U of MN if you ever have heart problems. They are fantastic!

I'll check back with everyone when I feel a bit better.

My Best Wishes to Everyone and my SINCERE THANKS for all your Support. (((((GROUP HUG)))))

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Thank you for the update Connie. Your doctor sounds like a winner and the kind of doctor everyone should have. I am praying that when he and the other doctors get their heads together they will come up with a plan for successful treatment for you.


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I'm sure sorry your news is not better. But I have hope that there is a fix out there for you, and that this guy is going to work to find it! What about NIH? They may have something????? I can't wait to see what this guy will say in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime.......



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:cry: I do Hope and PRAY so vetry hard that they can fix this Connie. Gentle Hugs, Much love and Peace, and strength for both of you right now and always!! :(
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Oh Connie,

I am so sorry to hear this. I hate the idea of your suffering for breath. You are a wonder girl. You have been here for all of us through many ups and downs. Know that I am praying for you each day and hoping that when the surgeon gets back things will change.


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Connie, I am sorry the news wasn't better on the heart. It really does add to the SOB.

As far as the blockage goes...my doc tells me that every day I keep the LDL's below 70, the blockage can actually shrink. And the fish oil in combination with the niacin at night can keep the HDL's over 60 which can reverse artery disease.

Salt is really bad on heart and breathing. Every time I eat out I can tell my chest fills with fluid and my lungs start to gurgle. :shock:

Anyway, I'm sure they told you all this at U of M....the salt, the fish oil, the niacin. I exercise an hour on my stationary bike every night. My blood pressure drops almost immediately after exercising.

It is easier to stick to my diet out in California, but it takes the high dive every time I visit family the Midwest. You guys have the tastiest food. :)

So Connie, I'm hoping this note will help jump start you to get hopping on this stuff. We all can make adjustments to help our bodies survive. And it makes me feel better just knowing I'm doing my best to help it along.

Hugs and Prayers, Barb

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