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Update Geri


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This is Karen again. I am just sitting with my mom and she asked me to post an update but she has fallen asleep again before I got much direction on what to share with everyone.

Last Friday her cardiologist asked her to go into the hospital after the visiting nurse came to the house to find her lethargic, short of breath and with a very low blood pressure. When she arrived they admitted right into ICU. Also, her sodium levels are off and she has retained a lot of fluid. Here we are almost a week later. There has not been a lot of news and she seems to not be getting any better yet. She is being transferred to a different hospital in the morning where they are better equipped for further cardiac testing. Please keep her in your thoughts.

I’ll keep you posted.


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Gez, Karen, I really thought things were going in thee right direction ~ albeit very slowly. I am distraught that my thinking was so wrong. What the heck is going on? She had the procedure that was SUPPOSED to fix most of this. Well, I've got my drawers pulled tight! Please tell her I'm asking for her and also that my hands are 'wrung raw'.....she will know exactly what I mean. Probably there's nothing I can do from here, but if so, don't hesitate to let me know. Prayers, vibes, wishes, hopes are all in the works. Man, I hate hearing this.


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Karen I'm so sorry to read this post. I thought she was finally coming along. I feel horrible for all she is going through.

Please let her know that I'm thinking of her and pray she gets better fast and can leave the hospital.

Prayers sent to this wonderday lady.


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