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Cancer has returned


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SO here is grumpy-one lung back after being told I have a return of cancer.

Will now they want me to take Chemo and I had to refuse. May take the pill they told me about, unknown at this time. The side effects of the chemo will do me in. My body just refuses to handle such things.

I had my left lung removed on Nov: 25th 2002, (stage 4). Radiation followed that in Jan: of 2003, (26 treatments) that was the worst thing that ever happened to me in all of my 65 years of life. In part do to the most hateful radiation doctor I have ever ment or had to deal with.

But the point is, I lived through it and now this. I am ok with what I have been told, not a big deal for me, but my family is falling apart over it and my choise not to take chemo.

I love this site, no where in the world can one with lung cancer find so many others with the same problems, and so much great advice to help with the questions needing answers, Thanks to one and all of you for your loving support to so many over so long a time.

GOD BLESS ALL OF US. My Prayers are with so many of you daily.

Grumpy-One-Lung (in Michigan)

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I hate to hear the CA is back. Check into the meds you talk about. If you decide not to go with the chemo meds there is a site run by Dean-Path less traveled. It is for the people who decide to stop or not take chemo at all. I pray that your family can come to terms with your decision. I do understand the pressure a family can put on you to continue treatments. Good luck.

Love Cindy

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Yes I am sure chemo will bit me. Not a good thing to have to deal with if one can handle it, but the un-known stuff they put in our drinking water will shut me down. Time will tell, I am considering the pill thing but from what I hear it is almost as bad, will see how it goes.

Bless You All

Grumpy One Lung

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Hi Grumpy,

I, for one, can understand your decision not to take chemo. You know your body and no one knows how your body is going to react to it. The oncologist told my mother she should have very little side effects. Boy was he wrong. She had two doses and had no quality of life after that. Would not eat or drink and had other complications. If I had to do it over again she would have no chemo. He even said she had a very low dose. She was not in the best of health to begin with and was 68 years old with a previous stroke. God Bless you,


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Hi Grumpy

I am so sorry that the monster has come back, but I am glad that you have this place to come to. I was just wondering if you and my dad had the same radiologist. His was the most arrogant doctor. My dad did end up walking out on him. I know he had come from the Karmonos center originally and ended up at the VanEslander center, unfortunately for my dad. Were you by any chance treated at the Karmonos or Vaneslander? AS far as the pill if it is Iressa, many seem to doing ok with it, however I can understand how you feel my dad didnt want any treatment either, the only regret I have is talking him into radiation... Keep us posted, everytime I check the member list I often come across your name and have wondered what ever happened to you because you joined right around the same time I did and that you are from Mi.

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I am sorry to read the intruder is back. I truly understand what you mean about insensitive doctors. I also don't want ANY treatment that means I will have to be subjected not only to the side effects of drgus but to the emotional side effects of medical professionals who think that because patients are in a vulnerable3 position they can be abused.

I am thinking of you and I believe that your family will support whatever decision you make.


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Greetings from Guam,

Just wanted to let you know that there are not alone in not seeking treatment. My decision was hard on my family at first but they came around. I believe very strongly in having a good quality of life while I can and not prolong it with treatments whose side effects may jeopardize the time that I have left.

It is a hard decision and one that I often question but always come up with the same answer that for me this is the right thing to do. Your family must realize that this is your decision and yours alone.

They will come around.

God Bless,


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Dear Grumpy -

Your decision is a personal one. I do understand how it would upset your family though, that is something you all need to work on together. You need to help them come to terms with your choice and understand why you are making such a decision. Sharon

PS - Prayers for you and your family - God bless

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My Mom is taking the pill called Iressa. She had taxol/carbo and taxotere. She is doing really great on Iressa. The others were so hard on her. I know everyone is different and I have heard the rash can be really bad, but so far my Mom doesnt have problems. She walked all over Walmart today she told me! YEAH! The only thing she has had a problem with is her feet swelling, and they are numb. Does anyone know why that would be? I dont know if it is from the previous chemo or the Iressa or maybe neither??

I wish you the best and in your choices you know what is right for you. That I am sure of. :wink:



10/03: 76 yr. Mom diagnosed squamous cell nsclc

11/04-1/04: 4 rounds of Taxol/Carbo

1/30/04: CT scan no change in growth/new spot 

2/4/04: Taxotere (1 hour intrav.)

2/8/04: Bad reaction, bedridden with Thrush/Diarrhea

2/26/04: Starts 15 days of Iressa

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Maybe you could try justifying the use of chemo/radiation treatments in your mind.....weighing the devastation dealt out by the cancer knocking around in your body against some of the grievous effects of today's rad/chemo programs. It's a double-edged sword. And it's true some of us have made deep personal commitments to both sides of the coin....treatment vs 'no' treatment. But none of us takes this lightly. For me....I'm taking lung cancer one day at a time. I have no firm plans in the event my cancer returns. I'll be crossing that bridge when I meet up with it. I'm so sorry you're forced to look at the business side of lung cancer treament again. My best to you in your final decision.........

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I feel for your family for that is a very hard decision for family to accept. They will follow your decision I am sure but it will be heart breaking.

I feel the same as you though. I would try the Iressa and go from there. You may be the one that Iressa loves. There are many on here who are loved by Iressa. There are others that it didn't work on. Whatever, it is your body so therefore your choice.

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I am so very sorry for your bad news--

--I am sure it is a shock right now ----but whatever your decision is, it is yours to make---

there certainly is no right or wrong about this----

best wishes to you


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