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New Grandson!


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Cookieman is a grampa again! We were kept up last night by phone calls from the hospital - onset of labor at 11:30P and birth around 4:30A. Running on lack of sleep because after that last call, we were just getting back to sleep when a couple started fighting/arguing right outside our bedroom window! 5:00 in the morning and you're out screaming in the street??

They were chased off by a big man in his underwear with a "Shut up and get the hell out of here!"...and when hubby came back in the house... :roll: He says, "I'm sure not going to miss THIS when we move."

SO, we're off to the hospital to see the wee one and then on to the art fair. Take care, don't expect much of me this weekend, we're still packing in anticipation of the move..

Off, shower, flowers...babies and ex-wives (we KNOW she'll be there) and then the fun..

Take care,


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Awwwww.....welcome to the world, little one. And congrats to Grampy and Grammy! :D

Sounds like you have a full weekend ahead and lots to celebrate, Becky....so enjoy and plant a gentle kiss on that sweet new little boy's head for me!

About the ex? (Got a couple of those myself. I guess you could say it goes Hertz, Avis and then Addie....cuz I'm #3!! 8) ) well...you're the "current" and anyway, it should all be about the new little one and his parents, right? Hope all the joy for the new arrival takes precedence! :wink:

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And you know the best part too, don't you, Peggy? When you're Avis you've got to try harder, right?

Well...when you're #3, you don't have to try anymore at all!! :wink:

It's not really true....but when hubby and I were engaged...I came across an apron that said, "I'm #3. I don't even have to try anymore!!" I burst out laughing and asked him if I could buy it! He smiled and said, "Sure". I think it's still buried around here somewhere...I haven't worn it in years. But believe me....it's forever imprinted on my brain anyway as being just too perfect for our situation!

People used to say that with his "track record", we were probably doomed. Hah on them....we just hit 33 years and are still counting. I beat his old "record" tenfold! :D

It also makes him smile that I teasingly refer to him as "my first husband". :wink:

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AAAAWWW, a baby! Have fun!

Can you stick your foot out when the ex walks by? Oh relax everyone, just kidding :P

Just do what my mom says, say "jerk" in your head, bite your tounge and say poo poo poo, three times.

I have no idea if that is a jewish folktale or what, but i always do it :)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Great news Becky - although it took me a couple seconds to figure out who or what Cookieman is. :lol:

Give the baby a kiss for me. I bet the tyke is going to be buried in kisses. Wish I had a grandkid around - they're so warm and snuggly.


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