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Duke of Earl - Chapter 68 - What's Next


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Earl is not doing well. Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen and heard a loud noise. Not sure where it came from but thought I would check Earl first. Unfortunately he had fallen.

Not sure how. He said he got up to go to the bathroom and he and the walker got out of control. He landed head first on the tile hearth in our sitting room with broken shards of a porcelain vase all around him.

Since he has fallen before I knew I could not get him up, so I got our neighbor, who is a nurse, to come help. We got him turned over. He did a good job on his forehead. We had to call for her husband because even the 2 of us couldn't get him up.

Got his cuts cleaned and bandaged and then we checked him all out. In the beginning it looked like some neurological problems but they seemed to disappear.

A day later now. I am listened to him breath over a baby monitor, and he snores like a banchee. What I have been noticing over the last couple of days is that his speech is getting slurred. It seems like it is all the time now and he is aware of it.

Tuesday I am getting him LifeLine and am going to start checking for 'home companions' or something similar. A hospital bed is probably coming soon.

This is so hard. I love him so much and I am having trouble finding him in there. Please pray that he is safe and comfortable.

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Oh, Ginny. :( It makes me so sad to think how difficult this is for you....how much it hurts for you to say,

"I am having trouble finding him in there".

Please know that you and Earl are in my frequent thoughts and prayers for strength. I wish that things would turn around...that you'd see increasing signs of that old twinkle of Earl's coming back. And of course, I will pray for his comfort and safety....just as I pray for your strength and the power of your love for Earl to sustain you, as I know it does.

I'm so sorry about Earl's fall, but glad he wasn't too badly hurt. Still...it's a worry. :(

Thinking of you, dear....wishing and hoping for more good days than worried ones....more smiles with your beloved than fears.

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Ginny and Earl,

I am still saying ton's of prayers for you both. I am so very sorry to hear that our Earl took a digger again! Poor Earl! (my granddaughter calls a fall a digger). Ginny, I know your heart is breaking in two, three, four, etc parts, and I honestly wish there was something I could do or say that would help you through all this. But, please now your in my thoughts and prayers each and every day.

I am glad to hear your going to look into getting some help. I think that might take a little off your shoulders my friend! It's not easy to do, but it's the right thing to do. (((((Ginny & Earl))))))

Much Love & Support,

Connie B.

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I am sooo sorry to hear about Earl's decline. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I am praying for Earl's quick improvement and for you to have the strength mentally and physically to keep going. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know. Take care.


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Ginny so very sorry to here your Earl is not doing so well, our prayers are with you both that things will get better soon, I hate cancer it take so much out of all of us. PRAYERS coming your way. Charolette

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Ginny, I'm SO sorry that Earl is having some bad days. But don't forget to get enjoyment out of the fact that he is still with you, still recognizes you -- and the twinkle is still in there -- just gone a little deeper.

My prayers go out to you both.


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Daer Ginny,

I am so sorry and I know of the helpless feeling you have. Earl has fought so hard and you have been the most wonderful caring wife that he could ever ask for. I am sending my love and my prayers that things become easier for both of you. I am so sad to read your news. Keep fighting, keep loving and keep praying.

God Bless You Both,


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