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O-H M-Y G-O-S-H!!!!!


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My CT scan was clear!

I have to schedule another CT in SEPTEMBER....but don't have to see the doctor until then unless I have problems!

My adrenal gland "mass" doesn't appear to be cancerous - at least at this point.

I was definately expecting worse news, especially because I've noticed that I've been getting winded a little easier than before. Doc said that now that more time has passed and more healing has taken place, there is more scar tissue - which is okay - but decreases my lung capacity a little bit. He said a little bit of exercise should solve the problem!

What? You mean like a normal person?

Thanks sooooooooooooo much for everyone's love and support!


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WAHHHOOOOOOOOOOO SANDY!!!! Let me be the first here to say that that is beyond GOOD NEWS!!! Everyone, please raise your glass and join me in a toast "to Sandy, and her CLEAR CAT SCAN!!! And to many more 'normal' person activities (CLINK) :wink: CHEERS!!!" If I could, I'd throw conffetti at you!!! Take care, deb

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Congratulations Sandy. What a wonderful way to start the summer.

It seems like there are quit a few of our members who are getting the hear the best three letters of the alphabet lately "N.E.D."


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Sandy, Sandy, Sandy,

What wonderful, fantastic, terrific, out of this world great news.

Yep, now you can do normal things - clean, cook, wash, iron etc. etc.


Earl has gotten the same news and join us in having a SUPER SUMMER.

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Yea!!!!!!!, couldnt ask for anything more than that... Well, a couple of tickets to Disney would go a long way.. haha


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