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Good News!


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Just wanted to say congrats on your good news and just noticed that you are from philly. I grew up in philly and my dad, who has small cell still lives there along with all of my family. What part are you from or should I say neighborhood, since all of us philadelphians knows that is what matters LOL. Wishing you continued success with your treatment. Write me back if you like.

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Was busy yesterday and didn't see your good news till this morning. Your body is doing great things..... :lol:



husband - Stage IV nsclc

dx'd 7/31/02

left lung removed plus 5 to 7 lymph nodes 9/11/02

Radiation and chemo 10/02 thru 11/02

Radiation 12/02 - 2/03

2/03 meds to brain - 10 whole head radiations

4/03 meds to bone - 10 radiations

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Wow Rocco,

That's two for good news from FCCC. Our third member is Beth and we have to get good news for her now.

P.S. to Kelleyu

Phila is either neighborhoods or parishes. I am a Philly girl, my husband is a suburban guy and it drives him crazy when I ask someone what neighborhood or parish.

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Now let's continue this with other good news. Everyone is pulling for everyone else and everyone who posts good news gives everyone else hope.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence and all of us are living proof.

Kellyu- I was from South Philly, now a suburbanite. I live in Phoenixville.

Ginny- I go back to FCCC on 6/19 just to talk to the onc, but he emailed me today and confirmed that the report looks good.


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