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my name is Denise, also Dede, I am one of David A's sisters. David encouraged me to join the LC help site and to post something numerous times but i never did until i posted his death notice. sorry to have started out like that. David received so much support and love from the friends he met on this website and now that i can no longer talk to him directly or email him i get comfort reading the things he posted to the site and the responses from others to his posts. Tomorrow is David's funeral and i am not ready for it. he was my brother and my friend and i miss him terribly. :(:cry:

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Dear Dede,

Oh kiddo, I know what your feeling. I lost my sister at the age of 43 to lung cancer 16 years ago, and I STILL MISS HER!

Your brother David was so many things to so many of us. A friend, a gentle kind man, a concerned friend, a supportive guy, a happy man, a jokester, and always but always very very positive and up lifting to so many of us. Dede, I too will miss your brother. I have never had a brother, but he was a brother to me, and I am sooooo very thankful I got to know him and call him my friend.

My heart aches for you and your family. I honestly feel your pain.

I am so sorry we lost such a wonderful guy!!! :cry::cry::cry: He will be missed dearly!!!

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I'm so glad you've decided to join us . . . maybe it'll make the pain of losing David a little easier for those of us missing him so much, and hopefully you'll find some comfort as well. While every situation is different, I do at least know something about what you're dealing with . . . I lost my dear brother, TBone, only two weeks ago today. I've thought about you and your family many times today, as I know how difficult the day has been for you.

When you have a chance, I hope you'll go to the "General" forum and read the thread of messages I started and titled "Fun in Heaven." Please forgive me for taking a little liberty given that I didn't really know David . . . it was simply a therapeutic post for me during this difficult time.

Know that there are many of us who care deeply about you and your family. Let us know how we can help in any way.



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Welcome! I am so sorry David had to leave us so soon. He is truly missed by all of us. I hope you come here often so we can be support for you and maybe you can share memories of David with us. May the pain in your heart be softened and I will keep you and David's family in my prayers...

God Bless,


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It is nice to see you have joined. I hope to see you here often. This place was a great comfort to your brother and he was here often. I hope you find comfort here also.

It was really nice to meet you in person. I look forward to getting to know you better with you coming here.

Take care.


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Hi Dede,

Its Joe B. Welcome. Thank you for the kind words last night. Gina & I are so glad we were able to attend the wake, and to hear all the great stories about David.We all miss David a very lot... he was very loved here.

Take care... and remember how much David was loved and accepted here... he made us all laugh, and he always was very encouraging to all.

Its hard to imgaine this site going on without him.


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You are so welcome here. I hope we are able to provide some comfort. We have met and I can say that the warmth and compassion we came to know and love in David is a family trait. Again, I am so very sorry for all of the pain and loss suffered by your family. I know your family still has a very tough road ahead and I hope we are able to ease some of the difficulty by sharing some of our memories of your wonderful brother.


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