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My Son Needs Prayers...

Fay A.

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You always are in my prayers, I have added Phillip's name to my prayers. I will be special ping for him til we hear from you, that all is well..

Thinking of you and lots of prayers coming your way,

Love ya and lots of hugs,


PS - Being a mom we all worry even when they are grown and on their own...Please keep us posted

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I am praying for you and Philip.... Please know that my daughter was diagnosed with a lesion approx. 7 years ago.... it was found by accident during a CAT Scan for a pituitary tumor. She has had MRI's continually since then and it has never changed. Doctors told us that chances are it has always been there, could be caused by a blow to the head (such as a a bad fall as an infant) or even a residue effect of having Strep as a child. I pray that things are OK please let us know. Love, Sharon

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Waiting is something that I've learned to do....but under these circumstances the waiting for information is pushing me to the very edge of what patience I possess. I still don't know anything. So my mind is taking all the information I've gathered about our family tree, and ripening poisonous fruit. I know I should not do this. My mantra over the holidays has been "Let him be okay-Let him be okay-Let him be okay".

I don't know anything. I keep telling myself that he has to be okay. He just has to be okay.

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Fay---I can only imagine how hard the waiting is. I am hoping and praying that it is nothing serious and just a scare. It is pot calling the kettle black, but try not to get too worked up u ntil you know more.

Sometimes lesions can be nothing, they found one on my dad's spine within the past year and it turned out to be a begnin bone island.

Also, my close friend's brother, he is 34, suffered a seizure and they saw a lesion and sent him all over, lots of neurosurgeons, then after further tests and more scans, it just disappeared and he is fine.

And my college roomate's younger sister, age 22, had a seizure, there was a tumor, she had it removed, it was not cancer, totally bengin, and she is perfectly fine 2 years later.

Let us know as soon as you hear something

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