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I wanted to share this


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You never really know what your kids are thinking when you have cancer. My son doesn't like to talk about it, and even though I've asked, he says he "can't" come to my doctor appointments. He is 19, and as most teenagers I've felt that he cares, but his priorities are on himself, you know "It's ALL about him". He is my only child and we are very close and he takes good care of me.

Imagine my surprise when he showed me his "away message" that he posts on the internet for his "buddy list". When his "buddies" click on his away message they can see what he wrote.

This is from my son, Sean:

You've taught me everything in life I need

You are always here to comfort me

Without you, what kind of man would I be

You gave me guidance

And showed me what I need to succeed

I wish that moment in your life would never have occurred

I can still see your face when the moment you heard

That you've been diagnosed with that 6 letter word

Still you're strong and for almost 2 years now you're holdin on

I'll pray to God for the cure

Because you're the world's best mom!

I Love My Mommy :)

Indulge me, it was such a sweet thing for him to do. Thanks for letting me share.


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Hey T Ann,

I got one of those, same age too. He doesn’t know how to handle it either but it’s the subtleties that are telling. He hasn’t given me **** once since diagnosis. And that is hard for those that "It's ALL about him". It is all about them. You have a nice looking boy, mr. cool breeze.

Very touching thing to read. You must be a good mother.


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Beautiful! Speaks volumes. I know you're proud of him. When I had my 64th birthday, I asked each of my three children not to get a material gift but to write me a letter telling me what positive things they have seen in me as a dad. They did, and it blew me away. I was so touched and keep those words from each dear to my heart. I'm glad your son shared that with you, and glad that you shared it with us. It doesn't get any better than that. Don

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Ok, was just having a rousing conversation here in the office with my boss (who has a nine year old son) and a coworker (who has a 15 year old son) about how sons have to act like their parents, especially their moms, are so embarassing, but when it comes right down to it nothing means more to them than dear ole' mom and as much as they try to hide that, it's really obvious. Like, the 15 year was out of school today because of the snow and really wanted his Mom to stay home with him - Kim said he'd never say that around friends and of course we all laughed - but the nine year old is the same way, already, LOL.

I think you, TAnn, like them, just KNOW how your son feels about you, even if he can't say it out loud - but your son is saying it in writing to his friends - what a big step!


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Kids are the greatest aren't they... just when you think they can't do anything to surprise you, THEY DO!! What sweet thoughts he has going around in that head of his!!!

And Ry... My sons message is " I think pickles are cucumbers that sold out... They sold their soul to the devil and the devil is dill.." Where to these kids get this stuff???? Sharon

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It must have something to do with the name. I am also very proud of my son Sean. He is a little older and not nearly as eloquent as your Sean but mine is the father of 4.

Last Sunday he told his 3 year old Erin (youngest and only daughter) that Meme (that's me) was coming up for the day. Erin, the bright and charming little girl, said "Oh Meme, she is so pretty". Yep I called the lawyer right away and changed the will.

Children, especially teens, don't quite know how to tell us they love us. What a gift when they do. Hug him like crazy and give him a million lawn mower kisses.

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