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Crash & Burn


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Well damnit!

The stupid surgeon who told me on Tuesday that everything looked good and that there didn't appear to be any reason to remove my adrenal gland called at 6pm last night as we're walking out the door for dinner to tell me, "oh, well, after checking out all the scans and talking to my oncologist, it DOES need to come out" (!)

I can't frickin' handle this. I just told everyone - family friends and co-workers - that everything was okay. Now we start over again...and I'm scared to death of this surgery.

I'm going to talk to my onocologist and then go to a different surgeon for a second opinion, cuz there's no way I trust THIS one!


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Sandy, I am so sorry for the "crash". Perhaps an angel wispered in the surgeons ear and he couldn't ignore what he heard. My prayers that all decisions are the right ones. Donna G

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Run for a second opinion, I went through

an unnecessary operation last year,

at the hands of a very capable but

over enthusiastic scalpel holder,

I yelled so loud in the right ears, that

now at 42 years old, that surgeon is back

for one more year on the benches to study


Prayers and best vibes and wishes for you.



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Sandy!! If I ever need level-headed advice, I am coming to you. Sounds like you got your ducks in a row and are absolutely doing the right thing!

Just so sorry they have you in a tizzie.

Prayers of guidance for the right advice to you.

Cindi o'h

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I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I agree with the others that a second opinion is defintely in order at this point in time. I know you are praying for no surgery , but most important is to get the right decision. Keeping you in my prayers.



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Oh, Sandy, talk about ups and downs....get your second opinion. What about one of the big hospitals? I've been so pleased with my care at the Univ. of Chicago.....I hope everything works out ok for you.


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How unfair!!!!!!! How are you supposed to hang on for a ride like that?

That surgeon needs a good talking to (As my grandma used to say).

You are doing all the right things in just the right order.

We are offering prayer for good guidence and solid decisions.

Sandy, we are scared, too. Hold on to us, if you want to.


Pat and Brian

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Oh Sandy,

Doesn't it seem sometimes that we, the patients, have it more together than those we turn to for healing - especially when some of them seem to be on totally different pages??? I have found that. Guess that's why I got 4 opinions!

Hope you get another opinion and get a doctor and surgeon who are working as a team FOR YOU!!!!

AND - to drop that on you at 6:00PM FRIDAY NIGHT :twisted: !!!

Let us know ASAP what's what.


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I sure am sorry to hear that the surgery may be necessary after all. I really understand your frustration, especially after having seen the surgeon already and being told you don't need an operation. But perhaps what happened is he initially took the stance that so many medical providers take: You're a Lung Cancer Patient...Why Bother. Perhaps something happened to make him want to treat, to help. Just guessing here. Just hoping that you are okay, no matter what happens, no matter what you decide.

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Sandy, add me to the list. If you no longer trust the surgeon it's time to move on. I know the doctors have to deal with it everyday, but they just don't seem to understand how hard the ups and downs are on us. I'm sending good wishes your way.

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Frustrating....for sure! Get the second opinion...it'll make you feel better no matter what ultimately happens, I think.

Sending you calming vibes and strength...and sending wisdom vibes for any doc involved!

Hope you get this all resolved to your satisfaction and comfort. It's hard sometimes...knowing if we are making the right choice...huh? :?

Keep us posted....

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