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mom passed aways tonight


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Hi Ry,

Would like a hall pass for a few days. I know I am not a survivor here and I would not scare anyone by not posting.

My mom danced(she was known for her dancing) her way from this world tonight at 12:00 AM. Yep, right on the nose!! All her siblings were with her and she passed so peacefully. It was beautiful... I know my dad was waiting for her.

We will celebrate her life either Wednesday or Thursday. Most likely Thursday.

She was a wonderful mom who made it to the ripe age of 94. We were so blessed and we thank G-d we had her so long in our lives.

My sister and I were her caretakers and we have no regrets because she came first and we did all we could for her. We will miss her presence so much and there will always be that void by not having her around. She will always hold that special place ( as I always tell others}, in my heart where she will stay alive in all those wonderful memories we shared.

I pray there is nothing but good news, for all my friends here when I get back to posting.

Be good to yourself,


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I am so very sorry about your Mother. Even though she lived a very long life, I don't believe it makes her passing any easier for her family. It is wonderful that you did have so many years and you are right, our loved ones stay nestled forever in our hearts.

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Dear Maryann,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear mother. I sense what a wonderful daughter you were...simply by noticing what a comfort and support you are to all here.

May you face the days ahead with strength and courage - comforted by the many wonderful memories you have of your mother. We join you in your grief.

Am looking forward to your return to the board. May we turn the tables and offer you support at this time.

Thoughts and prayers to you,


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