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Updated 8/6/05 Don is gone


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Peggy, his bravery and valor are matched only by yours. You were such a strong and faithful partner to him, it's all so extremely sad - but an example to all of us.

My heart hurts for you, and my prayers are all for you and Mike.



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Peggy, my deepest sympathy to you and Mike. I know your heart is broken in two! I am saying prayers for you and asking God to give you the strength and understanding to deal with your loss.

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So very sorry for your loss. You have been incredible in your support for everyone, I hope we can all be of help to you now. You and Don were so incredibly lucky to have each other. You deserved more time together, it is a heartbreaking loss.

Karen H

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OK, as I am just getting on the board after weeks off, I am just seeing this. Peggy, you and I have often spoke of the reality of what is bound to happen eventually, but when it happens it is stunning to say the least. I knew the disease was progressing with Don but never expected him to go this soon. As with Dave. I knew Dave's time to go to God was coming near, but thought he'd make it to his 41st birthday which is this Saturday. It seemed to me that Don had quite some time left. I'm glad he didn't suffer.

Please get in touch with me after you're able to have time to communicate again.

Much love,


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I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I will pray that you have the strength to get through this. I lost my 57 year old husband just 16 months ago and I feel your pain deeply. God bless you and please remember you can PM me anytime you need someone to cry with.


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Dear Peggy,

I read this earlier today and could not post, I am not sure I can now.

When I went away to go camping I had a very bad feeling that Don was not going to make it and that he would depart for heaven while I was gone. He did. So much of the end stages of his life mimiced Alan's and I know that is why I felt as I did.

I did come home in the middle of my camping trip to pick up more supplies as we made the trip longer and saw what was happening. I am so sorry I did not post but I just couldnt say what was in my heart. I also wanted to tell you to prepare yourself and didnt think that would be fair either so I remained in the shadows and wrote nothing. I went back to camp and spoke to my husband about it and told him my very best friend in the LCSC was going through a terrible time and I didnt feel her husband was going to pull through.I was so saddened.

I want to wrap you in my arms and let you cry, sob, and scream at the world for taking you're precious husband from you. You and I and a lot of others on this board know that God has a plan and we need to trust him.

I am also worried about Mike. God Bless him Peggy, he is as shell shocked as you are.

All I can say I guess is I love you and I will be here for you as will all of you're other friends here. You have helped us in more ways that I can even begin to think about, it is our turn my sweet Peggy for us to help you.

Trust in God and you will know that what has happened all has a purpose. Give him what you are unable to handle right now and he will carry the load.

Again, I love you Peggy and I am praying very hard for you and Mike.

God bless you both,



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Dear Peggy,

Like everyone else, I'm in shock that this has happened so quickly. I am so, so sorry. I know how hard it will be for you to get through the next few days, but glad to hear that your friends, family and colleagues are all there for you. Lean on them and let them take care of you for a change.

We all hope that you'll be able to come back to us after a while and that we can help you as you return to "regular" life, such as it is. You and Don have helped so many others with your courage and your fighting spirit. We all need to pay some of it back to you.


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