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Well, we've recieved Keith's scan results yesterday... sort of.

About an hour before his appointment time, we get a call telling us that the doctor didn't see that Keith had a CT done on Friday, so he never had the scan results read. "did we still want to go ahead witht he appointment?"

We were dumbfounded. I mean come on guys... do you know how hard it is to wait over the weekend, and now they wanted us to wait what could be almost another week for another appointment. Well, we kept the appointment, and although the doctor was not able to get the scans officially notated before we were there, the oncologist looked at the scans with the radiologist and they discussed them.

So according to this informal reading, Keith's results are stable. The cancer has not progressed to any new areas, nothing seems to have grown either. There were two areas that looked to have changed a little but they feel it is most likely the angle the scan was taken from compared to the previous scan.

So, I am taking this news and heaving a big sigh of relief and gratitude, and thanking all of you here for your prayers and support.



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