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Another straw drifts by


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Well here is where I stand. Met with the ONC today and we both agreed that my case is somewhat unique. My old main tumors have been dormant for about 9 months and only one tumor is active (lymph node). Past two CT scans show only the one tumor growing/changing. Even though I am staged at IV, we decided to maybe give radiation a shot at the one active tumor in the hopes the others are dead or worst case just slow down my progression. Soooooo, this Friday morn I get a PET and if it is clean, except for the one, then there is a good chance I will be a candidate for radiation. The Tumor Board is meeting tomorrow to discuss this option and the recommendation of my ONC. Another door is part way open, maybe I can squeeze through.

It’s kind of hard not to get your hopes up, I’m trying not to get too excited 8)

Luv ya all

Don’t ever give up


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Wishing for the PET test to show only the

best results.

Still a lot of fishing waiting for that big one

to bite, always hope in life for something good

to happen in all phase, fishing, health and happiness.

Will keep prayers on the way.



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Okay, one.....two......three..........we're all shoving it open as hard as we can! Let us know as soon as you can...........did it open wide?

You have an amazing medical team so I have confidence that they are going to pick the best treatment for YOU.

Take care of yourself,


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