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Today's CT-PET

Fay A.

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Had my first post surgical CT-PET. No results yet. Won't have them till next Wednesday. I have real concerns that as a result of the biopsy gone bad and extensive bleeding into the lung, pleura, chest, throat, stomach, etc. that there may have been seeding of malignant cells. It will be hard to sleep over the next 6 nights :roll:

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I haven't been able to sleep well since I moved into the new house. So when you're tossing and turning, remember that you have company over here in Oklahoma, I'm awake with you!

Will be thinking of you the next 6 days and looking for the post of your results. Hang in there woman!

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I have always been a nightowl, so I am another one here for you. If you want my telephone number just pm me and its yours. When tests results have not yet been disclosed the awake time seems to increase. Keeping you in my prayers for good news. You have been through an awful lot not to get good news.


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I am also praying that your tests will come back with good results. I wish you and all of us did not have to 'hurry up and wait' for scan results. That seems so cruel to me. My prayers are with you and for you.


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