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Today I am going to celebrate.....AGAIN :D ! I celebrated 1 year since dx in September :) . Then I celebrated 1 year since dx with my particular type LC in October :) . Today I celebrate 1 year since my successful surgery :P !

I feel like I should post this in Good News.....because it is! It should be in General.....so many could feel hopeful. But I guess LC Survivor is definitely what I am feeling today!!!!!!

I am grateful to EVERYONE here who has made this journey with me. I have been truly blessed with so many wonderful friends here and am humbled by your strength, courage, love, and support. Those of you not familiar with my story, let me just say.....I was to not see flowers last Spring. HA!!!

Thank you, Katie and Rick. Thank you DonnaG and mhutch. Every day is a gift from all of you and I love you!

With gratitude and love,


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So good to have celebrationsssssss

and you have many today.

Let's open the Pub for a get together and celebrate

with you and welcome the New Year 2006 for all the

good news it will bring us.

Cindi are you around?? we need the keys.



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Kasey, what a special day! I think I may even be happier than you are (if that is possible!) that you found the help you deserved, because I got a wonderful new friend out of the deal!!!!!! I must get a proper Thank you off to your doctors!

You are the best and I am so happy to help you celebrate this anniversary.



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Kasey, that is absolutely a reason to celebrate. I don't know where the pub is, but if someone points me in the right direction (and designated driver) I am there with you.

You are a shining example of why people should not give up, not lose hope, and get out there and get 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th opinions.



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Congratulations Kasey,

What fantastic news. CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE !!! :D:D:D Life is beautiful. Thank you also for the support that you have given to me. I have been a basket case at times, and you have always been very patient and kind and understanding. Thank you again, and again, and again. By the way, today is the one year anniversary of my diagnosis.

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