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My Dad Is In Heaven


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Your Dad was such a strong man. To think what he overcame and edured is just amazing. As sad as this event is, I know that he would want you to concentrate on the victories and triumphs of his life. Please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Cheryl and Jack

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the Cause and Effect of the Whole universe

the Source from whence we have come

and the Goal toward which all are bound:

receive this soul, who is coming to Thee,

into Thy parental arms.

May Thy forgiving Glance heal his heart.

Lift him from the denseness of the earth.

Surround him with the Light of Thine own Spirit.

Raise him up to heaven

which is his true dwelling place.

We pray Thee, grant him the blessing

of Thy most exalted Presence.

May his life upon earth become as a dream

to his waking soul,

And let his thirsting eyes behold

the glorious vision of Thy Sunshine



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I'm so sorry about your loss. You are a great daughter and be proud of everything you have done to support both of your parents. I pray that you will find comfort knowing that your Dad is hanging out with angels saying "Hey, this place is great! If only Cathy and my wife knew how great it is, they wouldn't worry so much about me being gone!" Cathy, I feel so much pain for you...please know we are here for you.

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Cathy so sorry to hear the news. But at least the pain is over. Now you can focus on the great memories. My dad passed recently and I just remind myself that he is still with me. I am sure your dad is still with you in your heart, memories, and spirit. Still talk to him, it sounds strange, but it works for me. I can imagine him talking to me back. Be strong, and be in peace.

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Oh Cathy, I am truely sorry for you and your family's loss. My heart goes out to you today with much sadness. I read Ray A's prayer and tears flowed down my checks because it was so beautifully said. We have lost so many these past 4 to 5 weeks but they are all with God and looking down from Heaven to guide all their loved ones till all can be together in Eternity.

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