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Starting treatment ... finally


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Well, it has been a long couple of weeks but treatment is finally here. I am in a Tarceva trial which is studying the benefits (if any) of taking chemo w/Tarceva. The trial includes only non-smoking and "light" smoking women and consists of two groups, one taking only Tarceva, the other Tarceva w/carboplatin and paclitaxel. I spent today getting scanned from head to toe, tomorrow I will find out which group I'm in, and friday...treatment!I'm trying not to think of the new anxiety that comes with wondering if the treatment is working.

I'm also taking a stress reduction class starting tomorrow. I hope to be able to control/release some of this anxiety w/o having to be medicated. I am still enjoying Chicken Soup for the Survivors Soul, it's what I read when I need a megadose of inspiration.

We're all hanging in there. The kids have settled down a bit. Unfortunately we had to reschedule our counseling session because I had to go get scanned. The new appt. is not for two more weeks but I think we can make it.

Thanks for all the support!


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Lets Lace up the Gloves and GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! saying Prayers and sending tons of Carolina positive energy your way. Go Get em!!!!

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Glad treatment is on the horizon. Just know we are here for you.

Praying for good results and getting back to routine.

Keep us poted on which trial you get into and how you are doing. Your Aunt Kasey is a great lady and I'm sure she will be a huge help for you...

Hugs and prayers,


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Next step, here you come!!!

And it is such an interesting step. I always went with Ben & Jerry's the night before, and a really fun movie that afternoon.

You will do fine, I just know it. The stress reduction course sounds very interesting and I hope you will fill us in. Don't be afraid of meds though, remember they can be used short term.


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I remember how frustrating it was when my Dad was first diagnosed with lung cancer and it seemed like we waited ages for his treatment to start. There was this test and that test and specialists to see... Once he started chemo, we felt like we had a chance with the "beast".

Good luck on your treatments and keep us posted.

gail p-m

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You'll be in my thoughts and I'm hoping for the best of results.

Don't forget the positive imagery while you're in tx.....visualize those little buggers getting all the medication.

I had Reiki sessions while I was in tx and it made a huge difference to my state of mind, always a very relaxing time and much peace of mind after a session.

Take care


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You know we are thinking of you EVERY day and praying real BIG!!!!! Hope the next time we talk, I can actually talk........laryngitis is the pits for someone who LOVES to talk. Of course, Fred is loving it :lol: !

Now we are all set to kick some cancer butt, wouldn't ya say?


Aunt Kasey

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Dear Tracy ~

I am glad that you have a plan in place. I have heard such positive things about Tarceva.

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you, tonight, and will be praying tomorrow during your treatment, for the chemo to MELT those suckers away!!! :twisted: POOF!!!

Wishing you a restful, peaceful evening. I think Gail's idea (Ben & Jerry's - make mine Phish Food!!) sounds good, too!

HEALING HUGS (((Tracy))) for strength, and comfort!


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I am glad you are on a treatment track now Tracy. Whether you are in the control or the expirimental group makes not much difference teatment wise, because they are both promising treatments. I am not very good at visualization, so I just repeat to myself, "die tumor, die" a number of times as my radiation dose is being delivered. I hope you kill the cancer dead.

Don M

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