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My father is now officially on hospice. He will still take the Tarceva. We will start him on that in the next few days, but he is mostly paralyzed now. They also suspect he has congestive heart failure. He woke up yesterday morning not being able to breathe and gurgling. We spent the day at the ER with that. Tomorrow they will do a 3-D echocardiogram. The tumor is growing out of control. It is so hard to know how to help my parents deal with this. I hate seeing my parents cry. We're still praying for a miracle. I just don't want my Daddy to die.

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It is just so very hard. If you need an ear, please PM me. If you need a 'real time ear' I'll send you my phone number.

Take care of you, and spend as much time with your Daddy as you can. Cherish every moment that he is able to give you. The really "dad-like" moments will eventually taper off and you'll need a treasure-store to keep you going.

Praying for you all.


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"jendew"] I hate seeing my parents cry. We're still praying for a miracle. I just don't want my Daddy to die.

Oh boy does this make my heart ache and the tears flow!

I very easily could have written these very words myself less than 8 weeks ago - especially the "I just don't want my Daddy to die"! I am SO very sorry Jen that you have found this heartache. Indeed it is VERY VERY hard to see our parents suffer and cry. In fact I think it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do!!

I pray that hospice will be able to bring some strength, comfort and peace into this emotional situation for your family! This is such a hard, hard journey but each and every moment will eventually hold so mean meaning and treasure (even the painful ones believe it or not).

I too will pray for a miracle for your family and strength for you Jen!


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I'm so so very sorry. Having just been down this road last week with my father, I do know what a hard journey it is to take. I do hope that your father has a peaceful and easy journey. Some do. I send prayers to you and your family for the strength to see your Dad along this road.


gail p-m

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