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Hello LCSC family.

I had a phone call from Darrell this afternoon and he asked me to share some information with you all

Darrell had been experiencing some pain in his chest and went to see his doctor yesterday. He was admitted to the hospital and sadly the tests are showing that his cancer has returned. He told me the left frontal lobe and the t2 vertebrae are the main issues but there are more areas as well. I will be talking to him later this evening and have an update for you all then.

Please pray for him as he is very scared as is to be expected.

Thank you all so much,


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Hello everyone.

I just spoke to Darrell again and he passes along his thanks for your concern and prayers.

As I told you originally, the 2 main concerns are the areas of the left frontal lobe and the T2 area. However, there are, in total, 9 new lesions/mets that have been discovered.

He has had the first of 13 radiation treatments today and is very tired and as he put it wiped out. He is still in the hospital and is hoping to be discharged tomorrow.

If I hear more I will pass the information along and thank you all, again, for your care and prayers.


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