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Hi everyone. Tomorrow will be one week since I'm home from the hospital. I've been going out a bit with Brian (a little shopping, a car ride) and find myself pretty exhausted following these trips. Maybe I'm pushing myself, I don't know. As I sit here typing, I really feel like I could just lay down and go to sleep. I'm on alot of medications (about 8 or so) and if I had the energy I'd take out the medication forms and look up the side effects, but I DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY :?:? I truly hate feeling like this; has anyone else gone through this dragging, neverending fatigue? Is this a typical side effect of pneumonia and surgery? I guess I'm feeling blue. You guys are so great.

Don't have the energy now, maybe tomorrow, but will tell you then about the wonderful letter I got regarding losing my position at work. Oh boy. I keep telling myself to take it one day at a time. I'm really trying. Bless you all.

Joanie ((())))

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I know you're probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. Not to mention all the meds you are on! My husband is so exhausted as well. I tell him don't apologize about it. Your body is telling you to rest and you're doing exactly what you need to do.

When my husband has his "bursts" of energy, however little or much they may be, I just let him do his own thing. Then I know and expect he'll conk out soon afterwards. But don't ever feel guilty of bad about the way you feel. You've been though so much. When you feel like you have a "burst" of energy, just take it easy and don't over extend yourself.


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Lori's right, sit back and eat the bon bons!

I sent a get well card to a friend a while ago, the front said..........grab the remote, put your feet up, have everyone wait on you ~~~~ inside it said Pretend you're a MAN!! (sorry Frank this doesn't apply to you!)

So I say think testerone and give yourself time, be kind to yourself and rest all you need.


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This is still Alan's biggest struggle. When he feels

good he goes like gang busters for a couple of days

then sleeps the next 4 to catch up. Alan has gotten

better as "listening" to his body and not so critical

of himself if he needs a nap during the day. I so

hope you get to feeling better soon.

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I'm so sorry that you are feeling so bad, I remember hearing once that for every hour of surgery that you have you should add a month for recovery..For instance if you were in surgery 2 hours then it takes 2 months before you start to feel "normal." keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you start to regain your energy..

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