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Surgery Experience


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Hello Everyone,

I am at home now resting in the easy lounger. I want you al to know that God heard your voices of prayer loudly. The surgery went quite well. I was actually rather calm going into it....sort of at peace. I felt Jesus holding my right hand and the fear abated. I was not given any drugs beforehand to relax me either!

Five hours later I awoke painfree, breathing regularly on my own. I spent 5 hours in recovery, then on to my own room. I received morphine the first and second day only. I was not thrilled about having the drug taken away! I also had a Q-Ball that sent pain medication into the incision site via these little wires, that worked well. When I was taken off the morphine, and was given hydrocodone, then the pain became outrageous when I moved. PLus, I could not have more meds until my next scheduled dose, regardless of the pain. The tubes came out 4rth day. That made me feel so much better. Everytime my tubes were touched I would scream out in pain! The doctor wanted me up and moving to prevent blood clots, expand my lungs, and get the other bodily processes functioning. He said drugs prevent that.

I have been having shortness of breath, but x-rays show clear and expanded lungs. Anyone experience this after surgery? My oxyygen level would be at 97, then drop to 89 when I walked.

Also, the glue used to close my lung is a sealant called Thorex. I do believe I received it in this double blind study because my lung sealed imediately, no leaks!

My surgeon said that none of the lymph nodes in my chest showed cancer, nor did the tissue surrounding the tumor. The nodes in the middle chest, that he was worried about, seemed to be fairly destroyed by the radiation! So all went well! Thanks again for your support and prayers!


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Oh, I am so happy you are back and feeling better each day. You speak about shortness of breath. With buddy it was the pain meds, so if you are still on them, read the side effects...

YOur jack posted to my buddy's problem and that was really sweet. He has got to be a terrific guy and I know he loves you very much for being on here and letting us know your condition.

Hang in and each day you will be better....you are a very strong woman.

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How great to hear your "voice"! The aftermath of surgery is a minefield of various ups and downs that you forget as quickly as you can when you are feeling better. I'm sorry you experienced so much pain, but you are on the road to recovery now, and isn't it GREAT to be in your own home surrounded by your loved one(s). Will continue to pray for your betterment. Hugs and blessings.

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Its about time you stopped laying around and got back on the board! :lol:

Glad to hear it all went well. I had the shortness of breath for awhile afterwards and my oxygen also would go down when I walked around. I think it comes with the territory.

Welcome home and welcome back... we missed you!!!


47 years old

stage 1a - nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003 - upper & mid lobes removed

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Welcome Home Cheryl; :D:D

So very glad all is going well, the first few weeks can be trying at times :x but this will pass. Good to be a SURVIVOR today!! thanks for the update and again happy for ya!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Glad to see you up and about so quickly. My first surgery had complications, as my lung would not expand and I had to go home with a chest tube in place. My second surgery was better, I also stayed only 5 days in the hospital, compared to 11 days with the first surgery.

Make sure you get up and walk around as often as possible. Don't be afraid of the pains meds either, as you will crave the pain meds only when you have pain. When the pain is gone, so will your craving for pain meds be gone.

Good to see you posting.


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Cheryl it is great that you are home----you sound like you did great with no complications-

now rest and take it easy-and heal---

--I think this operation should excuse you from doing housework for at least 6 months :wink::wink:

were you able to take your first shower yet? I did after 12 days and it was sheer heaven--

regards Eileen


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Welcome Home!!!!

I am so glad surgery went well -- didn't it AMAZE you that after having part of your lung removed, they had you up and walking the hospital halls the next day???? Unbelievable!!!!

Take it easy and give yourself some time to recover -- you deserve to be waited on for a few days!!! :wink: Did they give you any exercises to do to expand your lung and stretch your shoulder? If so -- DO THEM!!!!

I think they really helped my recovery move along quicker.

Sending prayers your way,


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You're up and about! Shortness of breath? I had some of that - I think some of it was in my head as I was afraid to breathe deep and possibly SNEEZE! Owie, owie, owie....

Enjoyed the fuzzy effects of all the drugs I was on, kinda like how the movie world shows illicit street drugs as acting... Neat to have that kind of ride and not have to worry about the cops breaking down the door! :wink:

Judy's daughter said the pain was a reminder of being alive - and that her mother didn't like that statement... Well, when I came to in the recovery room the room was SOOOO bright, I thought for a mere moment I might be dead, then realized I HURT too bad to be dead (and was about to hurt a lot more because I woke up before they were finished with the tests for blood gases, etc. - LOVELY to wake up just in time to experience more flippin' needles!)

Glad you're home and on your way to recovery. Get back to "normal" on your own time, don't push TOO hard (you'll end up SLEEPING a heckuva lot more) and enjoy the naps! (Now that I'm back to work, I really miss those - and have caught myself nodding off a few times....good thing I'm not an air traffic controller!)

Hope you got at least ONE Snoopy Band-Aid... 8)


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Cheryl, I always enjoy your posts and especially enjoyed this one with the great news! You express yourself so well. Sounds as if the surgery went as well as could be expected if not better. I don't know about you but I was a raging terror on my pain medication and all I had was a biopsy!! I was on morphine for 2 days and had 3 different nurses in my room allthrough the night telling them my pump was not working.....it was. Now I am getting over steroids and have been almost as bad on them. I hope you continue to recover and the shortness of breath is getting better. Have you tried any breathing exercises? They really do help with lung capacity and strength. You have been and continue to be in my prayers.

David C

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