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A Message from KatieB

Connie B

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Dear Friends,

I recieved a message from KatieB and thought I would share it with all of you. I know everyone here is very concerned.


Thank you all,

I'm just home for a shower after 3 nights in the ICU with her. Things

have gotten from dread to encouraging to worse in such a short time. The

bleeding in her brain continues to grow instead of shrink. It's anyones

guess if it will cause a steady or rapid decline in the next few days, or

if it will stop and then we can see what her status/prognosis is.

She is the center of our huge family. She was never sick a day in her

life and this is very unexpected and difficult to deal with.

Whatever happens though...I hang onto the wise words of the smartest 9

year old I know...(my son)

"If grandma gets better or if she dies- it's good both ways, right?

If she gets better we get to be with her again, if she dies, she gets to

be with grandpa again...."

Out of the mouths of babes.....

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Thanks Connie for keeping us updated.

Her son certainly has incredible insite... takes after his mom and dad.

Continued prayers for her mom to pull through this with some quality of life left. And like her son said if she goes, she will be with her love.


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Thank you, Connie. And for some reason.....I am not at all surprised at Hunter's perspective. After all, he is Katie's son and she has certainly taught him well. My prayers continue for some progress to be made.

I am sending many hugs, prayers and thoughts, and love.


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Connie, thank you for the update.

And Katie, you and your family are first and foremost in my thoughts at this time. I feel lucky to know you all, and especially lucky to have met your dear mom last summer.

Take care of yourself,


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Connie, thanks so much for keeping us updated on Katie and her mom. When you talk to Katie, please let her know how much we all love her and that we are all pulling for her mom to recover. What a smart son Katie has. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all face a crisis with such a wonderful attitude?

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