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He's at peace now...


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At 2:30 this morning (April 3rd) my dad passed peacefully in his sleep. After a day of being in and out of consciousness and laborious breathing, my beloved, most wonderful dad left this world. I am so relieved that he's not fighting so hard anymore. In his final moments I kept telling him that I loved him and that he could go to heaven now. Earlier in the day I kept telling him that I loved him and he even had the energy to tell me he loved me too. He fought for just over 13 months, and always remained dignified and compassionate. My daughter Madelyn (2 years old) says that Papa is "upstairs", and she's so right.

I feel so terribly sad, that I can't stop crying as I type this. But, I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me and my dad. I relayed all the information that I was given about my dad's cancer to my dad, and I kept in my heart all the wonderful cyber hugs.



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Praeyrs and Condolences for the family. I know how overwhelming this is right now. Take care of each other adn remember the good things.

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