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Eric's Birthday


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Just wanted to share that today is my son's 8th birthday.

While that normally is a reason to get birthday cake and celebrate for most folks, for me, like so many others in our group, it carries all the weight in the world. It's not only a time to rejoice, but a time to reflect.

My 'shadow' was found on my lung in January 03, and I had to wait until June to have it removed. However, in April, a week before Eric's birthday I found out from a follow up CT that the nodule was growing, and that it was most likely cancer. I remember trying not to think about my son in this new scheme of things, when I thought about him losing me, I couldn't even breathe- I was so afraid for him. He was 3 years old and he needed me so much.

His 4th birthday came the end of the month, and all I wanted was to live until September, and see him start pre-school. I kept thinking that the more days I put under our belts so to speak, the better the chance he would have of remembering something about me, when I was gone.

Well, I lived to see him start pre-k, and then Kindergarten, and 1st grade, and this past year, 2nd grade. In September, I will see him start THIRD grade! (notice I left out the maybe-I have come far!)

Anyway, that's all I wanted to share. I may have not solved world hunger in the last almost 4 years, but I know my presence here has made a big difference in a little guy's life. And as we celebrate the 5th birthday together since our lives changed, I had to take a moment to share my gratitude with the only people that understnad it.

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You've not only made a difference in Eric's life, Debi, but oh so many more folks right here. You support so many with you wit and wisdom. You are needed by many.

Have a wonderful b-day celebraation and hope you know that many of us are celebrating it right along with you guys!


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Happy Birthday to that little cutie! I understand what you mean about these kinds of days being cause for remembering them in years that were not so kind, but hey, from here on out, it's onward and upward!!!

I hope you both have a great Eric's birthday!

And yes, you've made a difference in a lot of lives in that time.


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Well, Happy Birthday to Eric!! :D

(and a big Whoo-hoo to you Debi!) :D

You both rock and deserve the best in life.

(And I can't imagine why you didn't let me know sooner so I could have knitted some outfits for his sea-monkeys. You DID give him sea-monkeys didn't you? Oh, but I don't have your address anyway! LOL) :wink:

Debi (still 49) :)

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Happy Birthday to that handsome little guy Eric....what a cutie he is....

Debi ...your post brought a tear....you are a big inspiration to ALL of us...not only Eric...He is so lucky to have a Mom like you....Best of luck to both of you for many many more years to come...hugs ..Pam

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Happy Happy Birthday to your son! I can relate ... when I was first diagnosed I prayed to be at the elementary school graduation. My twins just turned 17 this year.

We are truly blessed ...

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