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Joel's turn again


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Hi to all my friends here,

Well it's that dreaded time again. Joel will have his CT tomorrow.

This is the one we are concerned about as the one in March was after his operation and chemo, which we knew would be clear.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Maryanne :wink:

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I've added you guys to my list! Please know I'm saying prayers.

When I first made this prayer list that sits next to my computer, all I had handy was a green crayon! (Compliments of the grand babies)!

I've noticed that every time I write a new name down on "my list", (with the green crayon), good things seem to happen!

I'm sticking with the crayon!!!!

Take good care of yourself,


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I am going to turn scan time around in my mind. Instead of thinking of the dreaded scan time I am going to think of the wonderful scan time when I will be able to once again get confirmation that my body is healthy and free of disease. I am going to start with Joel. I am looking forward to you writing the great results here for all of us to see-because they WILL be good.


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