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Just had to tell you the news!


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Hi all,

I hope you all know by now that Iam officially on a Hall Pass, just to regroup as I am so bogged with work that Iam missing so many posts that I just could not keep up. But I will post when I can and I WILL be back.

Just want you to know that Joel had his CT last week and got the results today... and that little nodule is.... DRUM ROLL.... STABLE!!!!

What a relief.... In fact it is only 4 mil. and they aren't even sure if it is a nodule it may be scare tissue but they have no way of knowing. So we will have to keep taking CT's every 3 months and hopefully it will just stay STABLE.

Our walk is this Saturday for Lungevity... at Cooper River in Pennsauken, NJ. So my South jersey and Philly people I really hope you can attend.

I raised close to $2000.00 so far, so I feel good about that.

Take care all and will see ya soon.

Maryanne :wink::mrgreen:

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I heard that drumroll here in PA all the way from NJ, Maryanne. I'm smiling for the both of you. Give Joel a pat on the back from me, okay? Good luck at the walk...........we'll be walking together in different places :wink: ! I sure hope work settles down some for you, I miss not 'seeing' you around so much!!!


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